How To Stream PC games to Steam deck with Remote Play

Today we focusing How To Stream PC games to Steam deck with Remote Play.

In this article we will talk how to Stream PC games to Steam Deck with Remote Play. Although the Steam Deck is designed to function as a portable console, you may want to stream games from your computer. This could be because the console’s memory is insufficient or you are not getting the desired performance from the games. The good news is that Steam Tech works with Remote Play. Steam Remote Play is a way to stream games from the main game machine to another device home network. A game streamed on Steam Deck takes advantage of the PC’s specs, rather than the handheld’s more limited hardware. Thus, depending on the game, a more robust experience can be achieved. This is especially useful for the more challenging AAA games in your library.

To play the games, they must be compatible with Steam Deck. Valve checks many games to make sure they work properly. However, remote play can help improve the experience of smaller independent games that aren’t deck-optimized, since the game technically runs on a computer. Streaming also bypasses local storage, helping to save disk space. Regardless of the size of the steam deck, storage space can be filled up Quickly. You can always expand the storage with a microSD card, but an easier alternative is to use Remote Play.

Remote Play lets you use Steam Deck as a controller. Sit in front of your computer and mute the sound from Steam Deck while Remote Play is running. It’s a bit more complex but provides a better controller. When playing this way, both video and audio are sent from the PC to the Steam Deck, and commands entered into the Steam Deck are sent to the PC in the blink of an eye. In an ideal world, best results require a powerful gaming PC and a stable and fast Wi-Fi network. So a high-quality Wi-Fi router is essential. Below we have mentioned the steps to stream PC games to Steam Deck with Remote Play.

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How to Use Steam Remote Play on Steam Deck

  • Turn on your computer and log into Steam.
  • Open Steam Settings and go to “Remote Play”.
  • Click “Advanced Host Options” and select “Change desktop resolution to match streaming client” and “Prioritize network traffic”. Grab your steam deck and make sure it’s attached home The network your PC is on.
  • Navigate to the game you want to play and you’ll see an option to install, but next to that is a dropdown click to see an option to stream.
  • Get your game on.


That’s it for our article on how to stream PC games to Steam with Remote Play. Although the main function of the Steam Deck is as a medium for portable PC gaming, remote play can be useful from time to time. Especially when the deck doesn’t handle certain games as expected.

Not necessarily with bad performance, but not as smooth as one would like. This is where Steam Remote Play comes in. If you have a more powerful gaming PC than Steam Deck, it might be worth trying to stream the game from there instead of playing locally on Steam Deck. Of course, there are some caveats. For Steam Remote Play to work, the gaming PC must be powered on and connected to the Internet.


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