How to Stream PC Games on Android/iOS

Today we focusing How to Stream PC Games on Android/iOS.

In this article we will talk how to Stream PC Games on Android/iOS. Streaming games mobile Devices have become popular in recent years. There is no denying that the library of PC games is superior to that mobile Games. However, it can be difficult to sit at your desk after a long day. Sports professionals can monetize their enthusiasm and gain exposure by live streaming games on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, among other interactive platforms.

With the right app, you can connect your PC to your TV and play games. But so what mobile Devices? Apps like Steam Link, Moonlight and AMD Link can help you stream your PC games mobile device. You can stream live games on Android phones, iPads and iPhones, among other platforms.

Gaming laptops A great idea and we recommend considering one if you travel a lot and need to take your workstation (and gaming) with you. However, if you want to play PC games from the comfort of your bed or couch, there is a more robust and free option available. Half-Life creators Valve now operate Steam, the world’s largest online game store and distribution system. Steam -Home Streaming is a feature It allows you to stream games from one device to another. You can now run games on almost any computer, even if they don’t have high-end gaming hardware. Below, we have mentioned the steps to stream PC games on Android/iOS.

How to Stream PC Games on Android/iOS

Connect the gamepad to your device

Can’t play PC game with touch controls. For starters, most games don’t support inputs. Even worse, if they do, it will play out horribly.

  • However, almost all games support a controller, and so does your Android or iOS device.
  • So, the first step is to get a gamepad for your smartphone or tablet. There are many styles from your classic PlayStation looking pads phone Connects your device to other devices with a thumbstick (like the Nintendo Switch).
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Connects your computer to your device

AMD Connection

On paper, AMD Connect offers an impressive service that lets you play games on the go directly from your handheld device. But the real experience is sometimes hampered by poor picture quality and moments of inconsistent input lag.

To use AMD Connect you will need the following:

  • An AMD GPU
  • Latest Radeon Drivers
  • Internet connection

AMD Link works similarly to Moonlight, however, in our experience neither option performs as quickly and smoothly as Steam Link.


We hope you like our article on Stream PC Games on Android/iOS. Mobile Gaming pales in comparison to the vast library of games available on PC. However, it can be difficult to sit at your desk after a long day. With a suitable program, it is possible to play on a TV set.


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