How To Install H264 Codec Linux

Today we focusing How To Install H264 Codec Linux.

In this article we will talk how to Install H264 Codec Linux. Before we find out how to To solve this problem, let’s understand what H.264 decoding plugin is. An H.264 decoder is a plugin that not only encodes but also decodes the content. For this reason, it is also called a codec. A codec is a device that not only encodes data but also decodes it after encoding. Similar to this concept, we can say that codec in videos encodes data or packs and unpacks content for streaming and recording video.

In the encoding process, the H.264 codec can compress the size of the video file, making it convenient for longer distances, and once it reaches the destination point, it starts the decoding process, which is the opposite of encoding, and decompresses. All the data in the video and the video content will be returned to its original size and order. Below, we have mentioned the steps to install H264 Codec Linux.

How to Install H264 Codec on Linux?

  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + T will open a terminal.
  • Install ubuntu-restricted-extras from the command line by typing sudo apt-get install.
  • You can also install the package via the Software Center by clicking on Dash Launcher and Install button After finding the package.

How to play H264 on Ubuntu?

  • Open VLC.
  • Use the Tools/Preferences box to select “Show Settings: *All” from the box.
  • In Input/Codecs/Demuxers select Demux module as h264 video demuxer and launch VLC up Again immediately.

Does Ubuntu support H264?

The fix for 255 appearing when video is played can be found by installing 264-C, which we see whenever video is played. It is available as a DVD-CD player for Ubuntu version 2632.

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How to Play Mpeg 4 Videos in Ubuntu?

  • For example, in the VLC apps menu, search for VLC to launch it…
  • Once you click “Open File” will appear.
  • The player should start playing your video after you open it up MP4 file in VLC.
  • Press the Win key on the keyboard to launch Ubuntu’s search window.


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