How to Delete Rakuten Account

Today we focusing How to Delete Rakuten Account.

The passing of loved ones causes mixed emotions. It cannot be denied that one feels emotionally vulnerable at that time. However, if you are appointed as an executor, you must take care of the deceased’s real and digital assets. This includes closing all accounts in the bank or online platform on behalf of the deceased. Now, if you think so how to Close online accounts when a person dies and we can answer your question. When you manage the cable account or mobile Payment service You can also find the Rakuten account of the deceased, which you need to delete as executor. Now, you may face some problems in managing Rakuten account.

Rakuten is a free app that lets you find coupons and cash back for every purchase you make using an affiliate link. So whether you’re dining out, booking a hotel or shopping at an e-marketplace, Rakuten helps you save a little on every purchase. Its offers apply to over 2,500 stores listed on Rakuten. You can earn up Get up to 40 percent cash back when you shop with Rakuten on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Lyft, Sephora and Stubhub. Going back a bit in history, Rakuten was founded in 1998 by Hiroshi Mikitani, who acquired Ebates in 2014. Its services not only provide cashback, but also include other economic services such as using financial technology, facilitating communication through Viber. Soon. Below, we have mentioned the steps to delete Rakuten account.

How to Delete Rakuten account

You can only delete an account sent by email. So, you need to email the company to delete your account. So, you can follow below steps to cancel (close) your account:

  • Open your email account registered with the application.
  • Create an email now and enter the email address
  • Type “Request to delete my Rakuten account” in the subject.
  • Write an email now and request them to delete your account from their database and wipe all your information with them if any.
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Cancel Rakuten Membership

  • Rakuten Super Points are earned and accumulated
  • All your purchase data and history
  • All other Rakuten member offers and services. If you access other Rakuten sister companies with the same account information, you will also lose access to those accounts.


Now you know how to Permanently delete Rakuten 2022 account. As the executor of a deceased loved one’s will, you need to keep track of all their physical and digital assets. how to Delete accounts if someone dies. However, if you don’t have the account holder’s login credentials, you may face some issues while closing the account. In most cases, this becomes a problem.

That is why creating a digital succession plan is essential. This allows you to leave all the information your family members need to access your digital assets after your death. Appointing a separate digital executor to look after all your digital assets can also be helpful. It keeps your digital assets safe from risks like hacking, fraud or identity theft.


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