How To Delete Qmee Account

Today we focusing How To Delete Qmee Account.

In this article we will talk how to Delete Qmee account. Qmee is an online cash rewards portal that allows registered users to participate in surveys, shop, browse the web and share their opinions to earn cash rewards. The online website provides the ability to create or edit account information, browse the list of cash reward activities, complete a specific reward earning activity and cash out the earned reward at their own payment portal. Recently we have received some requests from readers of our website who want to delete their account from Qmee portal.

After doing some research on why users delete their accounts from Qmee website, we concluded that some users don’t use the portal to earn money online and that’s why they want to delete their accounts. If the reason for deleting your account is email spamming, we recommend that you mark the email as spam when you open your email or unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking Unsubscribe button Below is the email you received.

Qmee Portal was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton and is currently one of the best online cash rewards portals accessible worldwide. According to the source, more than 1.3 million users access the website on a monthly basis. Below we have mentioned the steps to delete Qmee account.

How to Delete Qmee Account

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Write ‘Account Deletion Request’ in the subject line.
  • Write a well-structured email explaining your problem with the account and the reason for making such a request.
  • Ask customer service to remove your personal information and other details from their database along with the account.
  • Please send your email to
  • Customer service will contact you after seven days. If not, drop a gentle reminder.
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