How to delete a Justfab account

Today we focusing How to delete a Justfab account.

In this article we will talk how to Delete Justfab account. JustFab is a subscription-based online e-commerce platform that offers products related to handbags, jewellery, jeans and women’s shoes. We recently received an email from a reader of our website who wanted to delete their account from the JustFab website. When we researched why users delete their accounts from the website, we found that most of the people who delete their accounts from the website received a product promotion or newsletter-like email that flooded their inbox. Spam, some say they haven’t used this site to buy stuff for a long time and so they have to delete their accounts.

If you delete your account because of their newsletter or mail, you can mark the mail as spam by clicking Spam. button Unsubscribe from emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the top of your mailbox or at the bottom of the email. If your reasons are different, I’ll tell you guide You step by step how to Delete your account from the JustFab site. JustFab is an online e-commerce platform founded in 2010 by Dan Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and is one of the best websites for selling clothes and accessories online. The site currently has over 10 million registered members in its database. Below, we have mentioned the steps to delete Justfab account.

How to Delete JustFab Account

Below are the simple steps to delete your account successfully;

Delete your account by contacting

  • Go to the following website and log in to your account.
  • After you’ve logged into your account, go to the My Account link at the top right of the mouse and then click on My Profile in the scroll down menu.
  • On the My Profile page, scroll down to the Cancel My Account section, then click the radio button Cancel JUSTFAB membership.
  • After you click on the radio button In a scroll down window you can find the reason for cancellation option,
  • Select your preferred option from the cancellation option and click Cancel My Account to permanently delete your account.
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Delete your account by sending an email

  • Open your email account registered on the app or website.
  • Now create an email and enter the email address
  • Type “Request to delete my account” in the subject.
  • Now write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database and wipe all your information with them, if any. A model how to Create your email.


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