How to delete a Dayre account

Today we focusing How to delete a Dayre account.

In this article we will talk how to Delete a Dayre account. Dayre is an online blogging application that allows users to post thoughts or experiences on its site and share them with friends. The app allows users to create or edit account information, upload images and videos, post a description of their activity, and add emoticons or navigation to their post. We have received many emails from readers of our site who want to delete their accounts from Thayer site.

When we investigated why users delete their accounts from the site, we found that most of the people who delete their accounts from the site are receiving emails from companies such as promotional messages or newsletters. Users say they use other websites to post their thoughts and experiences, which is why they want to delete their accounts.

If you delete your account because of their newsletter or mail, you can mark the mail as spam by clicking Spam. button Unsubscribe from emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the top of your mailbox or at the bottom of the email. If the reasons are different, we will guide You step by step how to Delete your account from the Dayre site. The Dayre site was established in February 2007 and is currently one of the best online job sites to post your ideas and experiences, with global reach. According to sources, the site currently has over 500,000 registered users. Below, we have mentioned the steps to delete Dayre account.

How to Delete Dice Account

As per company policy we cannot delete your account from the website but after long search we found a way to delete your account which I have mentioned below:-

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Delete your account by email account

  • Open the email account you registered with Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Once you open your account, look for the Dare mail you received at the time you created the account.
  • If you are not signed in to this email, open the email and click on the link.
  • Once you click on the link it will redirect you to delete account page, now scroll down and click button Delete account.
  • Now uninstall the app to delete your account permanently.


We hope you liked our article on deleting Dayre account. To delete your Dayre account, go to the Settings page and select the “Delete Account” option. You will be asked to confirm your decision to delete your account. Once confirmed, the account will be permanently deleted.


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