Utilize Shortcuts in MacOS Monterey

Today we focusing Utilize Shortcuts in MacOS Monterey.

In this article we will talk how to Use shortcuts in MacOS Monterey. Apple surprised us all when it introduced Shortcuts for Mac with the latest macOS Monterey software update. It took a long time, but now you can use, create, and update shortcuts from your Mac. Best of all, they’re available on your iPhone and iPad. However, there are some shortcuts that work well on Mac and take it to the next level. From adding stalking reminders to keyboard shortcuts that dish out insults like Shakespeare, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

iOS 13 is available on iPads and iPhones from Shortcuts feature Monterey on macOS can greatly increase performance for Mac users. While iPhone and iPad users should already be familiar with shortcuts, this is a new and very welcome addition to macOS. If you’re not familiar with shortcuts yet, they streamline processes to simplify your workflow. You can choose from a list of pre-made shortcuts or create your own. Below are 4 ways to use shortcuts in macOS Monterey.

How to Use shortcuts in MacOS Monterey

The Shortcuts app has pre-made shortcuts that are ready to use. Many of these are great tools, but you may want to create your own shortcut and adapt it to your needs. Here it is how to Do.

Add elements to the canvas

In the Shortcuts top menu, click Plus button. This will open the Shortcut Creator window. We will choose the constituent elements up A shortcut from the menu on the right. You can find components sorted into categories or search for one related to a specific app. Above these options is a search box. Here, we will create a simple shortcut that will help you change your desktop wallpaper. In the search box, type Find Photos, then click and drag the resulting elements onto the shortcut canvas.

Define some behaviors

Some shortcut elements offer customizable options. For example, Find Photos allows you to add filters, sort results, and limit to a limited number. Click Add Filter. This adds the phrase “album latest” to the element. Notice that each word is highlighted in blue, meaning it is a variable that can be changed. Click on Recents and a pop-up window will appear. In the list, select a folder from the Photos app that you want to use as a wallpaper repository.

Shortcuts will use this folder to display images that you can set as your background image. Leave the other options as they are. Type Set Wallpaper in the search box on the right and drag the resulting element under Find Photos on the canvas. This step tells your Mac to use the photo you selected as your computer’s desktop image.

Take it for a spin

Click the shortcut name at the top of the canvas window and give your shortcut a new title. Click the icon on the left to change the shortcut’s icon and icon color. Now, click on the Play icon. A window will appear showing the images in your defined wallpaper folder. Select one and click Select. The first time it runs, you should allow the shortcut to run in the next window; At this point, click Always Allow.

Final words

We hope you like our article on using shortcuts in MacOS Monterey. Shortcuts were first introduced on iPhone with iOS 15, and Macs can enable shortcuts in macOS Monterey. As the name suggests, shortcuts are configurations you can create to save time and get things done faster. Before the Shortcuts app in MacOS Monterey, Macs had Automator. Automator is still there, but you can add Automator workflows to shortcuts to make them easier to use.


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