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Today we focusing Use Photo Shuffle Wallpaper In iOS 16.

This article is about Use Photo Shuffle Wallpaper in iOS 16. In iOS 16, currently in beta, Apple introduced some big changes to the lock screen experience, including the ability to have a wallpaper mix between a pre-selected set of photos. With the latest Shuffle option, you can select multiple images from your photo library and choose to randomly play the wallpaper by the hour or day, or on a scheduled schedule every time you wake up. up Or your touch phone’s screen. iPhone.

If you’re like most people who’ve owned an iPhone for a few years, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of pictures in your Photos library. Yes, you can always set an image as your desktop background, but doing so requires human labor. If you want to change the image, you have to go back to your wallpaper settings and choose something else. Below, we have mentioned the step to use photo change wallpaper in iOS 16.

How to Use Photo Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone

Step 1: Open yours iPhone Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it.

Step 2: Click and hold the lock screen until the wallpaper gallery appears.

Step 3: Click Blue Plus (+) button Underneath ok side of view.

Step 4: Select Photograph Mix from wallpaper apps.

Step 5: Click some photos in your photo Library Click Add to add to Shuffle.

Step 6: Click Three The dots are located on the lower right side Screen.

Step 7: Click Mix it up Frequency, then select Daily, hourOn that day wake upAnd click on.

Step 8: Then TerminationClick Done Top right In the corner, click on your new photo mix Background To choose from the gallery.

Final words

iPhone running iOS 16 can now be customized in ways that weren’t possible before, thanks to unique fonts, colors, filters, and additional choices for adding widgets for the first time. One particular novelty is the option to change your lock screen background feature It is expected to be well received. Using the Shuffle option, you can switch the wallpaper between a certain number of images from your photo library whenever you wake up. up Or tap your iPhone’s screen or hourly or daily schedule. Our article on how to use photo shuffle wallpaper on iOS 16 will surely help you.


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