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In this article, we will show you how to Use Google Maps like a pro. Maps apps have completely changed the way we travel and we can’t imagine getting around without the support of our smartphones. With over a billion people worldwide using Google Maps every month, the Maps app is extremely popular both on desktop and on the go. mobile Editions. But as simple as it is, Google Maps has a lot hidden features.

After YouTube and Gmail, Google Maps is one of the most used services by Google. It is one of the largest map sites in the world. What makes Google Maps such a widely used app is its ease of use and number of uses features provides to its users. Everyone from school kids to seniors can use Google Maps because it is so simple and straightforward. But there are others features You can use it to make your travels easier and less stressful. Below are 8 steps to use Google Maps like a pro.

How to Use Google Maps like a pro

Customize the directions arrow

Since the launch of Google Maps, you’ve probably pointed to places marked by a blue arrow on your screen. It could be guide You’re good, but it’s a very boring visualization. You can customize the mouse on Google Maps to have more fun while guiding you to your destinations. A boring blue arrow on Google Maps can be replaced with a fancy new car model. Follow the steps below to customize the car icon:

Step 1. open Google Maps app on you phone.

Step 2. Start A Navigation session and enter your destination.

Step 3. Long press the classic blue navigation arrow Driving mode.

Step 4. Select your preferred vehicle from the menu.

Access maps offline

Google Maps lets you download entire areas you want to visit on vacation. This way, you won’t lose directions when you don’t have an internet connection, and your data plan won’t be used up up When you’re on the road. It can also be used to move around the city feature Can save your day. to know how to Save specific location to Google Maps for offline use here:

Step 1. open Google Maps app.

Step 2. Tap Three horizontal lines Located in the top left corner.

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Step 3. Go on Offline maps from list.

Step 4. Tap Choose your own map At the top of the screen.

Step 5. Use pinching to zoom in on the map until the blue box covers the area you intend to use offline.

Step 6. Hit Download Tamil button When you are done selecting.

It may take some time to download Google Maps depending on the size of the selected area. After downloading, this status will be saved for the next year unless renewed. To access the downloaded maps, follow the same process as described above. In the Offline Maps section you will see a list of maps you have downloaded.

Search and save your parking space

Google Maps knows how hard it is to find a free parking space. It makes finding a free parking space very easy feature. When you are traveling around the city, visiting shopping malls or visiting unfamiliar places, you can search and find a free parking space near you. Also, you can save your car’s location so you won’t forget where you parked it in a large parking lot. If it takes a while to find your car in a busy parking garage, this is it feature It would be so easy!

Here’s how to find a parking space:

Step 1. open Google Maps app After reaching your destination.

Step 2. search for Parking near me In Search bar At the top.

Step 3. Choose one Stopping point.

Step 4. Tap directions.

Here’s how to save your parking space:

Step 1. Tap on Blue dot When you are near your car.

Step 2. Tap Save your parking.

Share your location

While it may seem confusing at first, sharing your location with others can be incredibly helpful. You can tell your friends where you are or share your location with a rescue team if you get lost in the wild. To share your location, open the Google Maps app and click the search bar. It will show your location. Then tap Share your location.

Delete your Google Maps history

When you enter any location in the Google Maps search bar, suggestions for places you’ve already visited will be displayed. Google Maps gets this information from your location history. It’s helpful to find places you frequent in the recommendations, as this will save you a few taps. However, it can also provide the places you visit when someone checks you out phone. So, delete your location history to keep it private.

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Step 1. Start up Google Maps.

Step 2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap your Google profile icon.

Step 3. Go on systems and tap Map history.

Step 4. In Delete map functionYou can delete maps for the last hour, last day or all time as per your choice.

Check how busy businesses are

Have you ever had a last minute meeting for lunch or dinner? Getting a table is not easy if the restaurant is always busy. Thanks to Google Maps crowdsourcing, you can find out which times are busiest at each store. If you know which times are the busiest, you can go to malls, theaters, or other crowded places during quieter hours to avoid the lines.

Here’s how you can check any business’ busy hours:

Step 1. open Google Maps.

Step 2. under Search barTap Any businessfor Example, Restaurants.

Step 3. Click on Restaurant As per your choice list.

Step 4. Scroll down Popular Times.

The Popular Times The segment shows how busy a business is right now or throughout the day.

Check how the streets look

Google Maps’ Street View uses Google’s 360° imaging and allows users to share panoramic photos to add a personal touch to the map experience. It saves photos over time to show people how a particular street has changed over time. It’s also great if you want to find a new route before driving. When you post images in the Street View area, Google Maps automatically rotates and positions the images. It creates a slideshow of photos added to a specific location. Once added, other travelers can see the street for years.

Step 1. Click on Down arrow At the top Google Maps app.

Step 2. In Map detailsTap street view.

Step 3. Tap on Blue dots to see Street photography Yours Specific location.

your hide Home From street view

You might consider having Google Maps show yours home It appears to be a very invasive operation in the street scene. It is normal for people not to worry about theirs home Added to Google Street View, but it lets strangers know where you live.

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Fortunately, Google allows users to dim or delete home Absolutely spot on. This prevents their secret locations from becoming publicly available, thereby protecting their privacy. Hide yours home For location, click Street View on Google Maps. Then, enter your address. This way, Google Street View helps you find yourself easily home.

Tap the three dots in the top-right corner and tap ‘Report a problem’. From the list of issues, you choose Privacy Concerns and click Report. Note that it may take a few days for Google to cover you home Location from Google Maps.

Final Words

We believe the same with this article How to Use Google Maps like a pro. Google Maps is one of our favorite technologies because of its ability to provide multiple services in one place. It is convenient, easy to use and more cost effective than buying an expensive GPS device.


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