Turn on/off Remember apps in Windows 11

Today we focusing Turn on/off Remember apps in Windows 11.

In this article we will talk how to Enable/Disable Memory Apps in Windows 11. If you enable the Remember My Apps setting on your Windows 11 device, Windows remembers the apps you have installed on your device so you can restore them from the Microsoft Store to other Windows 11 devices. An option to enable or disable Remember My Apps feature Available on the Windows Backup page in Windows 11 Settings.

If a user loses his computer or it is damaged beyond repair, he has to buy a new one. Now, the user has to transfer all his data from the old one laptop New, but that’s not possible in this case. Wouldn’t it be great if Windows could save all your settings and apps with your Microsoft account and restore all your data to another device? That is why in Windows 11 A feature Called “Remember My Apps,” it saves all the apps you’ve downloaded from the Microsoft Store when enabled. Below are the steps to turn memory apps on/off in Windows 11.

How to Enable or disable memory apps in Windows 11

  • Press the Windows + I keys together on your keyboard to open the Settings app on your computer.
  • Then, navigate to Accounts in the left side menu of the Settings window.
  • Click on the Windows Backup option at the bottom of the Accounts page as shown below.
  • Click Change feature to enable Remind My Apps button Remember my apps to enable it as shown below.
  • If you want to disable this feature please click on Remember my apps toggle button Turn it off as shown below.

Final words

We hope you liked our article on turning memory apps on/off in Windows 11. In Windows 11, Archive Apps is a feature It allows you to automatically manage your apps to save storage space and bandwidth. The feature Archives support Microsoft Store apps you don’t use often. It uses the uninstallation process from the system without completely removing the application from the system.


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