Spring Clean Email List

Today we focusing Spring Clean Email List.

It’s not just about cleaning your house up, but so do your email addresses. If your email list contains only valid addresses, you’ll have a better reputation as a sender, which means your emails are less likely to be blocked or mistakenly considered spam. Many people clean incorrectly up List-blocking happens only when their lists are in crisis, but smart marketers check email addresses regularly.

We’ve already talked about how a list can shrink, but subscriber engagement also decreases over time. Your subscribers may start out excited about receiving your emails, but over time lose interest and become inactive. Not only does it cost you money to send messages to these disinterested subscribers, it can also affect your deliverability, brand perception, and overall email metrics. Below are 7 steps to a spring clean email list.

How to Spring clean email list

Organize your lists

How is your email list organized? Do you separate it? Segmenting your email list is like organizing a closet full of clothes into separate totes. You can organize clothes by size, season or color. The same goes for your email list. You can break it up Groups based on categories such as age, gender, buying habits or the type of email they signed up for up for. Segmenting your list has huge benefits. Thirty-nine percent of email marketers implementing list segmentation see better open rates; 28% see lower churn and unsubscribe rates; And 24% see better email deliverability, increased sales leads and more revenue. Not sure what categories to divide your list into? Here is a list. You can divide your list into:

  • Place
  • age
  • Sex
  • Job title
  • profession
  • Buying habits
  • point in the sales cycle
  • Emails such as newsletter only or events only

Pinpointe users can create organized lists and create a hierarchy for easy reference.

Check for duplicates and domain spelling

When you’re dealing with a lot of names and email addresses, it can be difficult to manage. You can upload a large list of contacts, but what if there are duplicates in the list? Another common mistake is misspelling domain names. If you enter the contact manually, you may have mistyped it or the contact may have been inadvertently mixed up up Letters. Both mistakes are costly. You should scan your list for both errors. Fortunately, many email service providers such as Pinpointe provide this service for you. Duplicate names are automatically detected and removed, and spelling errors in domain names are corrected to ensure your listing is as accurate as possible.

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Remove inactive customers

It’s hard to get rid of things when you’re spring cleaning, but when it comes to your email list, hanging around with inactive customers for too long can hurt you. Allowing inactive customers to linger on your list will skew your statistics. Better to get rid of inactive customers and focus on active customers. When to delete clients? This is a tough question and it really depends on your buying cycle. If customers buy from you once a week, it’s a completely different sales cycle than if customers buy twice a year. You need to set a proper deadline for your business. There is a rule of thumb that most businesses follow when it comes to removing contacts. If a year has passed without opening an email or engaging with your business, it’s time to remove him from the list.

If you choose, you can send final An email asking if the subscriber is still interested in receiving your messages. If it doesn’t open, you’ve definitely got your answer. Try to re-engage contacts as soon as possible to prevent them from falling into the “inactivity abyss”. If a customer goes a few months without opening an email, put them in a specific “at risk” email category. Create a campaign specifically aimed at bringing this group back. For example, send a “we miss you” email with some kind of discount or purchase incentive. This effort should ensure that a portion of your “at-risk” contacts don’t slip into the inactive category and get erased from your list entirely.

Manage bounced emails

to shoot up In your list, you need to manage the emails you object to. There are two types: hard and soft bounces. A hard bounce is an email that is undeliverable for permanent reasons such as an invalid email address. If your email bounces hard, remove the contact from your list immediately. It’s never going to turn into a prospective customer, and keeping it around can get you blacklisted from your ISP.

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A soft bounce is a “temporarily undeliverable email”. The email address exists, but there is a reason why the email cannot be delivered, either the server is down or the subscriber’s inbox is full. If an email bounces five times, consider it a loss of contact and remove it from your list. Fortunately, email service providers like Pinpointe automatically process bounced emails. If the email fails, it will be removed from your list. If an email soft bounces five times, it is considered a hard bounce and automatically deleted from your list.

Quickly unsubscribe

Every email should allow subscribers to opt out of your email list. It is actually a law. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, every email message must have a clear way for subscribers to stop communicating with you. If a subscriber decides to move, make sure to remove him or her from your list quickly. If you leave a subscriber on your list, you may be reported for SPAM which can harm your email reputation. After exiting, 95 percent of companies remove contacts within 10 days. That’s another one feature Pinpointe helps its users. Subscribers who opt out of your mailing list will be automatically removed.

Set up up An email preference center

Getting rid of contacts who no longer want to hear from you is necessary, but you can slow down the leaky pipeline of lost contacts by creating an email preference center. Your unsubscribe link can take subscribers to an opt-in center where they can opt out of the volume of emails they receive entirely. Pinpointe allows users to create an email preference center. Here’s an example: By giving subscribers the option to reduce email frequency, you can connect a significant number of contacts. Fifty-three percent of subscribers say the number one reason they unsubscribe is because they receive too many emails; So offering this alternative is a healthy way to maintain your email list. Think of it as preventative maintenance to limit your spring cleaning efforts next year.

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Set up up Double check in operation

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dealing with the mess at hand; It’s about creating a plan to eliminate confusing problems in the future. A proactive way to keep your list clean is to create a dual option in the process. When a prospective customer signs up up For your list, he or she receives an email with a confirmation link that must be clicked before being added to your email list.

Pinpointe customers can set preferences up A double choice feature And use ready-made forms to simplify the process. How does it help your cleaning efforts? Active double opt-in assures you that every contact you sign up for up, not only wants to be on your list, but has also provided a valid email address. Just like creating an email opt-in center, this step can cut down on cleanup time next year by building a list of real contacts who are genuinely interested in your business or product.


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