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In this article we will talk How to Share your screen on Skype. There are many other ways to communicate with your contacts on Skype. An example is screen sharing, a feature It allows you to share live video from your computer screen to any website or other software you use. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you’re doing something or show another person what you’re doing.

Another example is sending files to your contacts. With this feature, you can share many types of files, including documents, photos, presentations, and other things you have stored on your computer. Skype screen sharing feature Allows you to broadcast anything on your computer screen to the people you’re on a video call with.

This can include videos, PowerPoint slideshows or a web browser. However, it should be noted that sharing your screen requires slightly more bandwidth than a normal Skype video chat. Below are the steps on the Share screen in Skype

How to Share your screen on Skype

Step 1: Open Skype. Click on the blue icon with white color.S” on it to open Skype. If your login credentials are saved, this will open your Skype home page.

  • If you are not logged in, enter your Skype email address (or phone number) and password to continue.
  • If you’re on Windows, make sure you’re using the downloadable version of Skype—not the preinstalled Windows version.

Step 2: Start a video or voice call. Select one of the recipient Name from left side Skype window, then click Video camera or the phone icon At the top right of the window. It will start calling the recipient.

  • You can share your screen during audio calls and video calls.
  • If your recipient calls you, click on your favorite Answer button.

Step 3: Click +. It’s at the bottom of the call window.

Step 4: Click on Share screens. This option is in the middle of pop.up list. Click on it and it will appear up A window with additional options.

Step 5: Select a screen to share. Click on what you want to share with yourself recipient(s). If you only have one screen to share, you’ll see only one screen listed.

  • You can click Share your screen The drop down box above pop-up window and select Share a window To specify a window for sharing.

Step 6: Click on Start. It is below pop-up the window.

Step 7: Click on Stop sharing To stop sharing your screen. This option appears in a box in the upper right corner of the screen by default, although you can move the box around the screen. Doing so will prompt your screen to stop displaying on the recipient’s computer or mobile device.

Final Words

We hope you have understood this article How to Share your screen on Skype. Your contact can now see your screen. You can change what you want to share by switching to the corresponding app. Open Skype again and tap Stop Transfer to stop the transfer. Select the Share Screen icon from the menu and a screen will appear.


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