Set Date, Time, and Timezone on Ubuntu

Today we focusing Set Date, Time, and Timezone on Ubuntu.

In this article, we will show you how to Set date, time and time zone in Ubuntu. When provisioning your Ubuntu 18.04 server for the first time, getting the correct date, time, time zone and synchronization are the first basic steps you should take. Accurate time on your Linux system ensures that your server runs smoothly. For example, if you have some cron jobs that need to be executed precisely at a certain time.

The correct date also ensures that the records are recorded in the correct order in your computer. Some apps also rely on the system date to check for updates. So if your computer’s date/time is out of sync, your server is prone to errors and many other difficult issues. All modern operating systems we use today are synchronized to the NIST atomic clock. Therefore, there is no need to change the date, time and time zone of our settings.

However, sometimes we get confused up We may feel the need to manually change these functions and entities later while doing some system configuration. Most computers with Ubuntu installed will detect and synchronize the time automatically. However, you may find that your computer is not syncing properly. In this case, you can set the date, time or time zone manually. Below are the steps to set date, time and time zone in Ubuntu.

How to Set date, time and time zone in Ubuntu

Display the current date and time with timedatectl

To display the current time and date information, use the command:


The output provides the local and global time, time zone, and tells you if the synchronization process is enabled.

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Synchronize time with the NIST atomic clock

Step 1: You can set your Ubuntu system to synchronize with the NIST atomic clock:

timedatectl set-ntp Yes

Step 2: If you need to disable NTP synchronization to manually adjust the time and date, use:

timedatectl set-ntp no

How to Set Time Zone in Ubuntu

The timedatectl command additionally allows you to synchronize your computer with a time zone of your choosing. These are the steps:

Step 1: To list the names of time zones:

timedatectl list time zones

Step 2: Find a location near you and enter the following:

timedatectl set-timezone zone/location

Step 3: Replace the zone/location with a name from the time zone list.

The time zone list is extensive. You may want to filter the list by keyword using grep:

timedatectl list timezones | The grep keyword

The | A pipe symbol, usually next to the Enter key. You can change any keyword you like like America, Asia or New York. If you make a mistake, double-check your spelling and make sure you’re capitalizing correctly.

Final Words

We believe in our article how to Set time, date and time zone in ubuntu and help solve all your problems. Unlike proprietary software, Ubuntu is open source. That means users are allowed to modify its code, make and install as many copies as they want and distribute the customization anywhere, you don’t have to pay for a license to use Ubuntu to update Ubuntu Linux.


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