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This is tutorial About how to Scan documents via Google Drive. Google Drive is a free service from Google that allows you to store files online and access them from anywhere via the cloud. Google Drive also provides access to free web applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

Google Drive is one of the popular cloud storage services available today. If you’re not using a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive, take a moment to consider the benefits of keeping your files online. The drive eliminates the need to email or store files on a USB drive, as files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Collaborating with others is very easy as Drive allows you to share files.

To scan directly into Google Drive, you need a network-connected scanner or a multifunction printer/scanner that supports Google Drive connectivity. For example, we’ve configured both Brother and HP printers to scan directly into Google Drive. You’ll also need access to a web browser and a Google account where you want to save scanned items. Follow the steps below to connect your scanner to Google Drive. But for scanning a document? The thought of installing yet another app on your Android device scares you. Below, we have mentioned ways to scan documents via Google Drive.

How to Scan documents via Google Drive

Select the Google Drive app on your scanner

Step 1: When you select “X-ray“, targets such as computer, SD card or email are usually displayed.

Step 2: Instead, check if Google Drive is somewhere in your scanner option. You may have to go through some menus on your device to find it. Once you find it, open it to start the connection process.

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Connect with Google Account

Step 1: Switch to your browser and navigate to the address specified on your scanner/printer. For example, if you’ve configured Scan-to-Cloud for an HP printer, we’ve opened My Browser in Specify a Google Account to receive your scans from your Gmail or G Suite address. In the enterprise setting, you can create an account for the device. (If you do this, you can also share the destination folder with people scanning documents).

Step 2: Then, enter the code displayed on the scanner/printer into the browser while logging in to the Google account you selected above. This will ensure you have both a Google account and a scanner/printer.

Secure with a pin

Protect your account with a PIN – especially in an office environment. Once set up, you’ll need to enter the PIN every time you use the Google Drive app to scan. This protects your account in two ways: you prevent unwanted items from being scanned into your account, and you also prevent unauthorized access to your Google Drive documents. Without a PIN, anyone with access to your printer can browse and print files from Google Drive.

Configure scanning options

Step 1: On most devices, you can also choose from at least a few scanning options. These include things like:

  • Color or grayscale,
  • Resolution (75, 200, 300 dots per inch etc.)
  • File format (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • Input (flat-bed or document-feeder)

Step 2: Your choice of file format will vary depending on the type of items you’re scanning. If you’re scanning documents, select PDF (or searchable PDF, if available) as the default scanned file format. Otherwise, if the items you scan frequently are photos or images, choose PNG or TIFF (or JPG, if none of these options are available).

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Repeat for additional accounts

Repeat the above process to allow your device to send scans to different Google accounts or different settings. For example, at one office we linked a Brother printer to two different Google accounts and saved two scan shortcuts for each account — one for flatbed images and one for document feeder scans. Four shortcuts allowed each employee to press a button, enter their PIN, and quickly scan a variety of source documents.

Scan with you phone

You can use your phone To scan items in Google Drive. Google Drive Android app supports multi-page document scanner. Third-party apps like ScanPod or GameScanner also support automatic uploading of multi-page scans to Google Drive. (Scanbot and CamScanner offer both Android and iOS apps.) And Google’s own Photoscan app is great for capturing photos and turning them into digital files. However, if you want to scan multiple-page, two-sided documents, a desktop scanner is faster.

Final Words

Hope you understand this article how to Scan documents with Google Drive. However, Google Drive has a document scanning tool that is ideal for handling batches of scanned documents. Since Google Drive is a cloud storage tool, there is no need to export documents after scanning. Also, the scanning tool is easy to access directly from the Google Drive main page.


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