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In this article we will talk how to Save the slideshow on iPhone. Whether on vacation or in everyday life, you’ve probably taken a lot of photos over the years, all of which are now piled up in your iPhone’s Photos app. Each of them is irreplaceably valuable. By creating a slideshow, you can enjoy your pictures from different perspectives and share the joy with your family and friends. Every picture on your iPhone has its own story. Combining them and combining them with music is even better. With Slideshow, you can add music to your photos and get a refreshing reminder of past events.

Combining photos and music is a great way to express emotions because they often complement each other. Want to create a photo slideshow on your iPhone but don’t want to install a third-party app? You’ll be happy to know that this is possible with the built-in Photos app. With the Photos app, you can select photos by date or album in a slideshow, choose specific fonts and background music, and more. Below are 3 steps to save slideshow on iPhone.

How to Save the slideshow on iPhone

Create a slideshow with iPhone memories

Step 1. open Photographs.

Step 2. Select Photos and video clips You should use it to create a slideshow and add them to an alternate album. (Select, tap on all photos and videos you want to merge, tap to zoom, tap new album, set reputation for new album and tap save tap).

Step 3. Scroll to the very bottom of your screen to maximize Faucet Reminders.

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Step 4. Go to reminders and you will see Slideshow You only exaggerate. A play icon will appear at the bottom right of the slideshow. Click on play Button You can only watch the video you created.

Edit the slideshow in Memories

Step 1: Title: During this opportunity you can change the title of your video and choose a method for your title.

Step 2: Title image: In this option, you can select a photo from your album and set it as the title image of your video.

Step 3: Music: This feature Looks beautiful! You can decide between the many offered by Apple Music to choose the one that best matches your video. All the partial units of the soundtrack are sorted into categories, so it is easy to search for the most suitable one.

Step 4: Your slideshow. Note that some of the music needs to be downloaded before you can use them normally, however, they are all unit free.

Share and backup iPhone slideshow laptop

You can share the slideshow you created with the Share icon at the bottom of the screen via Delivery, Messages, Mail, Notes, iCloud icon sharing, Facebook and more. It is a professional iOS data transfer tool that helps you transfer iPhone files like photos, videos, songs, contacts, etc. to PC from laptop Please follow guide below.

Step 1. Download and install Aiseesoft MobieSync to you laptop.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with you laptop via USB cable. This iOS data transfer automatically detects your device and displays your device data in the interface.

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Step 3. To find the video you want to send, click Photos on the left laptop, then check the video and click Export. laptop button At the highest point of the interface.

Final Words

Hope you understand this article, How to Save the slideshow on iPhone. A slide show involves the presentation of fixed images (slides) on an electronic screen or projection surface, usually in a predetermined order. Providers or viewers can control the change manually or automatically at regular intervals. The original concept of slideshows was to project individual photos onto a screen using a slide projector.


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