Run Profile As Administrator in Windows Terminal

Today we focusing Run Profile As Administrator in Windows Terminal.

In this article, we will talk about how to Run the profile as Administrator in Windows Terminal. Windows Terminal is a terminal application from Microsoft. It only works with Windows 11 and Windows 10; It’s built into the former, but you’ll need to download it manually for Windows 10. It’s different features Not found in Microsoft’s other command-line tools. You are probably already familiar with Command Prompt and PowerShell, two command-line tools that come with most versions of Windows. The Windows Terminal is unique for many reasons, but mostly it’s a program that gives developers quick access to those tools and more.

This post is useful if you want to run a profile at the start of a Windows 11 terminal running on Windows 11 or 10. Using the built-in feature In Windows Terminal, you can use this to open a PowerShell profile, Azure Cloud Shell, Command Prompt, or any other administrator-accessible profile. Additionally, Windows Terminal allows each profile to be run in administrator mode. Both possibilities are discussed separately in this post. Below we have mentioned the steps to run profile as administrator in Windows terminal.

How to Run the profile as Administrator in Windows Terminal

Always open Windows Terminal as an administrator with settings

Step 1: Open Windows Terminal.

Step 2: Click list button Next In a new tab option and select systems desire.

Step 3: Under “Profiles” In the section, click defaults.

Step 4: Turn on “Run this profile as administrator” Command Prompt, PowerShell and any other profile will be automatically elevated.

Step 5: Click Save button.

Always open Windows Terminal as administrator via shortcut

Alternatively, you can also create a shortcut that you can specify to run as an administrator on a Windows computer.

Step 1: Right click Windows desktop.

Step 2: Select New submenu And choose shortcut desire.

Step 3: In the Path field, type the following path


Step 1: Click next button.

Step 2: confirm a Name for that shortcut – For example, Windows Terminal.

Step 3: Click Finish button.

Step 4: Right click Freshly created a shortcut and Select Properties option.

Step 5: Click shortcut tab. Freshly

Step 6: Click Improved button.

Step 7: please verify Act as an administrator option for Windows Terminal shortcut.

Step 8: Click ok button.

Step 9: Click Change Icon button.

Step 10: In the bar for icons in this file field, type the following path and press Enter


Step 1: Select one Symbol you like to use.

Step 2: Click ok button.

Step 3: Click Apply button.

Step 4: Click ok button.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you can always double-click the shortcut and open Windows Terminal as an administrator. If you like, drag and pin the shortcut to the taskbar. Or you can right-click on the shortcut and select Start option to run a Windows 11 application as administrator from the customized Start menu.

Final Words

By default Windows 11 web browser comes with a new application called Windows Terminal. It combines the traditional Command Prompt/PowerShell and WSL in Windows 11 into a sleek, customizable console. Supports tabs, so you can work simultaneously in any available shells. Our article how to Also running profile as administrator in windows terminal will surely help you.


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