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Today we focusing Reset and Change Amazon Password.

This article is about how to Reset and Change Amazon Password. Amazon, an online retailer, electronic book reader manufacturer, and Internet service provider, is a classic example of electronic commerce. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. is a large Internet-based company that sells books, music, movies, home appliances, electronics, toys, and more, either directly or as an intermediary between other retailers and’s millions of customers. Its Internet services business, known as “cloud computing,” involves renting data storage and computing resources over the Internet.

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide, offers a unique Amazon Prime subscription. Prime subscription not only gives users the ability to buy products at low prices, but it also gives users the ability to enjoy video streaming, music and many other services. Hence, many users opt for subscriptions to enjoy the benefits. However, sometimes many people forget their Amazon Prime password and hence get surprised how to Change Amazon Prime Password Below, we have mentioned the steps to reset and change Amazon password.

How to Reset and Change Amazon Password

How to Change your Amazon password

  • Go to the Amazon website in a web browser and log in to your account.
  • On the top toolbar, click on “Account & Lists” located on the right side of the screen
  • Select “Login and Security”.
  • Log in to your account again to verify your identity
  • Select “Edit” next to “Password”.
  • Enter your old password and your desired new password twice.
  • Click “Save Changes”.

How to Reset your Amazon password if you forget it

  • Go to the Amazon Password Help page and enter an email or phone The number associated with your account.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA test by entering the characters you see in the image. Depending on the verification method you used, a one-time password will be sent to you via email or SMS.
  • Enter the one-time password and select “Continue”.
  • Create your new password.

Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to Reset and Change Amazon Password Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce sites where you can buy as much as you want, but what if your Amazon account is hacked, reset and change your Amazon passwords to protect your personal data. With the above mentioned steps, you can reset Amazon Prime password.


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