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Today we focusing Remotely Access Mac From iPhone.

In this article, we will talk how to Access Mac remotely from iPhone. In recent years, Apple has done everything it can to make macOS more and more like iOS. So, it’s not surprising that the company allows someone to access Mac from their iPhone and iPad. However, the preferred method has changed in recent years. However, it is relatively easy to do.

With many countries on lockdown due to Covid-19, working remotely is becoming a way of life. Remote Access for Mac is designed to be simple. Apple has spent a lot of time making sure you can log in to your Mac anywhere, whether it’s a desktop or any other Mac device. laptop. There are also various third-party programs to help with this.

If you have more than one Mac – one in the office and one home – You may need to access something you did on one Mac on another. Or maybe you need to access files and apps on your Mac from your iPad. Another scenario is that you need to help fix a problem with a family member or friend’s Mac. Below are the steps to remote access Mac from iPhone

How to Remotely Access Mac from iPhone

Step 1 : The first step is to enable Mac screen sharing by going to “”.System Preferences” on the computer. Next, select “Sharing.” Next, check the box on the left.Screen sharing.” If it’s a gray box, click the lock icon in the lower left, sign in to your Mac account, and check the box.

Step 2 : Once screen sharing is activated, specify the address and computer name under ‘.Screen Sharing: On” section at the top right.

Step 3 : view in new tab) by Chrome browser Check your Google Account if you haven’t already. Click on button ‘Set up up Remote access.’ Next, click on the icon ‘Add to Chrome.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Remote Access extension on your Mac.

Step 4 : Once the extension is installed, you will return to the Google Chrome browser and add the computer name in the box. It will display the default name, which you can modify or change. select’next.’ Enter, re-enter the six-digit PIN, and clickStart,’ and follow additional instructions.

Step 5 : Install Chrome Remote Desktop Appon your iPhone (opens in a new tab), then open it. Sign in with the same Google Account used on your Mac. Once you do, you will see a link to access your computer remotely. Click on it. Enter the six-digit pin assigned above to tap on the arrow icon. Now you can control your Mac from your iPhone.

Step 6 : The app has various options to control the Mac, including the ability to disconnect. However, Chrome Remote Desktop must be active on your Mac to continue working. To disable it when not in use, go to the Chrome app on your Mac and click the trash can icon next to the computer name on the Chrome Remote Desktop page.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed our article how to Remotely access your Mac from iPhone. You can access your Mac through a local network or the Internet. Did you know that you don’t need expensive software like Apple Remote Desktop to do this because there are so many great free solutions out there? Work remotely on a remote Mac home Or use an iPhone to be at work. All you need is the right tools and a reliable network connection.


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