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Today we focusing Record Star Movement With Google Pixel.

This article is about how to Record star movement with Google Pixel. Google Pixel is a series of Android smartphones launched by Google. The Pixel replaced the Nexus. Like its predecessor, the Pixel also has a “stock version” of Android, meaning it will receive updates as soon as they are released. Other Android phones Sometimes updates can be delayed for months or include modified versions of Android, such as One UI.

Google Pixel offers its users unlimited photo storage on Google Photos for free. Also, Google Photos for Pixel does not reduce image quality to save space. The only steps required to unlock time are unlocking camera Select the Night Vision tab. Pixelated astrophotography is possible if the sky is dark enough.

After that, press the shutter button Captures a single image once, but keeps it camera Fixed, taking pictures for lapse of time. It’s no surprise that Google continues to dominate computational photography, and the latest is the Pixel feature The output is very good, giving another advantage to buying the Pixel phone. Below, we have mentioned methods to record star motion with Google Pixel.

How to Record Star Motion with Google Pixel

To use Google’s new astrophotography time-lapse recording, it’s best to use a tripod or find a stable place to prop the pixel, as it takes half an hour to record a minute of video with 60-second intervals between photos. Playback speed is 30 frames per second. The formula for recording time is the playback rate multiplied by the desired video length multiplied by the interval. Time-lapse astrophotography is available to Google phones Starting with the Pixel 4, including the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5, of course, all new and sold devices in 2019 are getting this thrill. feature.

Simply open camera And selecting the Night Side tab are the only steps required before starting the timer. If the sky is dark enough, Pixel will enable astrophotography. Then, tap the shutter button Will take a photo, but leave camera Fixed will allow you to continue taking additional photos for time lapses. It’s no surprise that Google is still at the forefront of computational photography and the latest Pixel. feature The drop is really impressive, and adds another reason to own a Pixel phone.

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