Merge Multiple Images Into PDF Document in Windows 11

Today we focusing Merge Multiple Images Into PDF Document in Windows 11.

This article is about how to Combine multiple images into a PDF document in Windows 11. If you want to put multiple images in one PDF document, it’s easy to do in Windows 11. how to Do. PDF files are a universal read-only file sharing format. You can open PDF files with Adobe Acrobat, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and many other programs. Many users share text documents in PDF format. However, PDF files are more useful for sharing images. For example, instead of attaching 10 separate image files to an email, combining them all into a single PDF can make it easier to manage. Recipients can view all images in a PDF document.

In this article, we will prove how to Combine multiple photos into PDF file on Windows 11 PC. We outline various techniques to compile all your photos into a single PDF file. JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EMF, WMF and many other image formats can be attached to PDF. You can also set up Parameters for PDF and images before merging, page size, layout, orientation, image position, PDF watermarking, PDF password protection and more. Below, we have mentioned the steps to merge multiple images into PDF document in Windows 11/10.

How to Merge multiple images into a PDF document in Windows

How to Attach images to PDF files by printing to PDF

Microsoft Print to PDF is a handy built-in feature in Windows 10 and 11 feature It allows you to create PDF files quickly. You’ll find this option in the normal print options, but don’t be fooled; It doesn’t actually print anything. Instead, it saves the document you “print” as a PDF file. You can combine images into one PDF file with Print to PDF.

  • Click File Explorer button With the folder icon on Windows 11’s taskbar.
  • Open the folder that contains the images that you want to attach to the PDF document.
  • Press Ctrl + A hotkey to select all images in a folder. Or you can hold down Ctrl to select multiple files.
  • Right-click with the mouse and select Show more options. Then select the Print option in the Classic context menu.
  • Next, select Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down menu.
  • The Full Page Photo option is selected by default on the right side of the Print Images window. If you want to include more than one image per page, select the 5 x 7 inch (two), 3.5 x 5 inch (four) or Wallet (nine) option.
  • Then press Print button.
  • Select a folder to save the PDF in the Save Print Output window.
  • Enter a title in the File name box.
  • Click on Save option.

How to Merge multiple images into PDFs with the XConvert web app

Alternatively, you can combine multiple images into single PDF files with one of the many PDF web applications. XConvert’s Merge Image to PDF is an application that includes some nice options. This is how to Combine images into PDF files with XConvert’s web application.

  • Open the XConvert web application in your browser of choice.
  • Click Add Files to select images from your computer’s local storage. Select the Google Drive or DropBox option to choose files from cloud storage.
  • In the window that opens, select all the images you want to include in the PDF.
  • Then click Open button.
  • Choose the Page Margins option to configure the document’s margins.
  • Select the landscape layout option, which is best for displaying single images on pages.
  • You can also select an image quality option from the Image Quality drop-down menu. Images may look better at the highest quality setting, but a lower setting will reduce the size of the PDF file.
  • Press merge button.
  • Finally, click Download button Save the PDF to a folder.
  • View it to open the PDF file from the folder you downloaded it to.

Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to Merge multiple images into PDF document in Windows 11/10. PDF files are one of the most versatile file extensions available for all platforms. This format is platform independent and can be used, read and converted on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and almost any other operating system. Adobe Acrobat is a sophisticated tool for creating, editing, and reading PDF files, but the full version is expensive. You don’t need any additional software to combine multiple photos into one PDF in Windows 11/10.


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