How to View COVID-19 Data in Google Maps

Today we focusing How to View COVID-19 Data in Google Maps.

In this article we will talk how to View Covid-19 data on Google Maps. As Covid-19 has become a part of our lives, some mapping services have been able to provide additional assistance to people. With Google Maps and Apple Maps, you can easily locate testing sites and vaccine collection points. Another function that Google Maps provides is the provision of epidemiology data. If you want to get information about where you live, where your family lives, or where you are visiting, open the Google Maps website. You can stay updated about new cases, confirmed cases and more in your district, state, country or region.

With an option selected within the app, the seven-day average of new cases per 100,000 people in the area and color overlay maps will show a general indication of whether local incidence is increasing or decreasing. The company said it pulled the data from “many authoritative sources, including Johns Hopkins, The New York Times and Wikipedia,” and the trend data is visible at the county level in all countries and regions supported by Google Maps. Where possible, information is also available at state, district and city levels. Below, we have outlined the steps to view Covid-19 data on Google Maps.

Get Covid-19 data on Google Maps

  • It is easy to view the data on the Google Maps website. Opens a convenient dialog box with information that can be kept open while moving the map.
  • Click the menu icon in the upper left next to the Search Google Maps box and select Covid-19 Information.
  • When the dialog box opens, you can hide the sidebar if you want a full view of the graph with the data. Make sure the Covid-10 data in map transition is enabled.

View data by location

  • If you use Google Maps online regularly, you know that you can zoom in and out by dragging. As you move around the map, the COVID-19 dialog box remains open, making it easy to view data by location.
  • When you view places in the United States, you can zoom in to a single county. Use addition and subtraction buttons Or the zoom slider at the bottom right of Google Maps to zoom in and out.

Covid-19 data is available

Here’s the data you can find about Covid-19 around the world using Google Maps.

  • New cases: You’ll see a color-coded legend showing new cases per 100,000 seven-day average. The range goes from less than one to 40 and above.
  • Seven-day trend: It shows rising or falling trend.
  • Total Confirmed Cases and Deaths: These total numbers of each and confirmed cases take into account both confirmed and probable cases in some locations.
  • Note that sources of data vary by location and thus tracking time. For example, if you’re looking at data in Illinois, you might find the data source is the New York Times, while if you’re looking at a location in India, the data source might be Johns Hopkins University.


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