How to use the em dash keyboard shortcut on PC

Today we focusing How to use the em dash keyboard shortcut on PC.

In this article we will talk how to Use the em dash keyboard shortcut on the computer. discovery how to Typing an em-dash (-) is strangely unintuitive. Basically typing a long dash or extended dash should be more accessible than that, but luckily there are several methods of doing so. Mac users have the ability to type em-dashes with ease, thanks to a unique three-key shortcut. A similar one is available to Windows users when using certain applications, but outside of these, it is necessary to use one of several shortcuts. Alternatively, you can rely on your device’s existing or custom autocorrect options to convert other characters to the elusive em-dash.

If you’re tired of copying punctuation marks from a web page or elsewhere, here’s how to type m-dash yourself on a Mac or Windows computer. If your Mac or MacBook has a compatible or built-in keyboard, M-Dash typing is much easier. Press Option + Shift + the minus sign key (next to the 0 at the top of the keyboard) to get “-“.

If you’re using a keyboard designed for Windows rather than a Mac, the exact key combination may be different, but if you find keys that do, the combination will still work. Some of the options we describe below work on macOS. However, there is no good reason to use them because of the simple system-wide operation. Below we have mentioned the steps to use M Dash keyboard shortcut.

How to Use the em dash keyboard shortcut on PC

There are two options for the em-dash keyboard shortcut on Windows operating systems:

  • Windows Emoji Keyboard. The Windows Emoji Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard that lets you type emojis instead of letters. Press the Windows key and the period (.) at the same time to open it, then select the Symbols icon. You can select and click M Dash from there.
  • Alternative codes. Alt codes are basically keyboard shortcuts that don’t require you to press multiple keys at once, but instead require you to hold down the Alt key and then type a specific, multi-digit code on your numberpad. To make an em dash, hold down Alt, then type 0151.

Unfortunately, the alternate codes don’t work for many laptop To use keyboards, you must have a numpad. If you are using a laptop There is no numpad, you have to use the Windows Emoji keyboard system.

How to Use em dash keyboard shortcut on Mac

All Mac operating systems have the same shortcut for em dash, which makes the process quick and easy.

  • Press Option + Shift + Minus (that’s -, the key next to 0 at the top of your keyboard). The M line appears immediately.


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