How to use iPhone accessibility features

Today we focusing How to use iPhone accessibility features.

Hello everyone, in this article we will show you how to Use iPhone access features. We rely on our smartphones for everything, but most of us only know a fraction of what they can do. Thanks to accessibility systems on iPhones and Androids—screen readers, text-to-speech dictation, and more—our phones Daily tasks can be done more comfortably, especially for people with disabilities. “Using Access features Built into most smartphones improves the lives of people with disabilities, in the same way that smartphones improve the daily lives of everyone,” said Matt Hackert, non-visual accessibility technology specialist at the National Federation of the Blind.

Accessibility means making the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad accessible to a larger number of people. This includes the very young and the very old, those brand new to computers and mobile devices, and people with disabilities or special needs.

Apple devices are known for being multi-accessible features So it can be easily used by disabled people. These include voiceover, assistive touch and voice control. Apple has introduced a new category in iOS to promote accessibility awareness Tips Application to highlight some features Any user can improve their experience on iPhone and iPad devices. Below are 8 steps to use iPhone Access features.

How to Make the most of iPhone access features

Reverse colors

iPhone has multiple vision settings to suit people with different vision needs, from low vision to color blindness and more. Changes the display values ​​in “Invert Colors”. phone To create more variation. This is handy if you want a black display to keep your eyes comfortable, or if you need low brightness when reading in bed.

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This tool is great for restaurants or other places where you need to find small print in low light conditions. When you turn on the magnifier, your phones camera Turns into a magnifying glass. When you tap the page button On the iPhone X, or home button In earlier models, a window will open for you camera. Just point it over the text or object you want to zoom in on and you’re done. Using Magnifier on iPhone is very easy

Large text sizes

Here you can adjust the size of your text. In applications that support dynamic type, the size can be increased even further. The slider allows you to specify how large you want your text to be.

Zoom in

If you want to see larger text or more detail on an image, zoom in only when you need to, not all the time. Double-tap with three fingers to zoom in on the entire screen or drag three fingers across the screen to zoom in on specific areas. You can also change the maximum zoom level via the slider up Zoom in 5x.

Shake to undo

Shake to Undo” is the default setting on iPhone. This is when the “Undo Tap” prompt appears phone As a result of the shake it notices random key presses. If this prompt bothers you (sometimes you have to type A;oij;oaifjaio;fa;ih), you can disable this setting in the Communication section of Accessibility Settings.

Subtitles & Title

It is very comfortable. If you prefer closed captions, turning them on and off every time you access a media app is a hassle. If you enable Closed Captions + SDH under Media in Entry Assistant, subtitles will automatically play when available in the app.

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Accessibility shortcut

If you want to easily disable color reversal, zoom or voice control, you can create a shortcut to one of the functions. This means by clicking three times home button or page button (on iPhone X), you can quickly get to the functionality you want. Quickly enable/disable AssistiveTouch on iPhone


Digital assistants in general and Siri in particular have faced a lot of criticism lately. Very easy to set up up Siri on iPhone

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