How to Upload Video to Google Drive

Today we focusing How to Upload Video to Google Drive.

In this article we will talk how to Upload the video to Google Drive. Google Drive is one of the most comprehensive and intuitive cloud-based file storage platforms. If you have a Google Account (which you most likely do), you can store your files in one place and access them whenever and wherever you want. Since the service doesn’t compress the videos you upload, it’s a great way to organize your files for later use or sharing. Google Drive is available on most platforms.

Google Drive no longer offers free, unlimited storage, but this is one of the easiest ways to fall back up Your data, including documents, photos or videos. Almost everyone has a Google account, and it makes it easy to save and share anything. I usually just need a place to turn to quickly up Photos and videos. Below are 4 steps to upload video to Google Drive.

How to Upload the video to Google Drive

Upload video to Google Drive without apps using PC/Mac settings

  • Open it on your computer and sign in using your Google account details.
  • Click +New button Then tap File Upload or Folder Upload button.
  • Next, browse and add the desired video from the computer. Drag and drop files.
  • At the bottom right, you will see a small window showing the file upload progress. Make sure you don’t close the Google Drive page while files are being uploaded.

Upload Google Video using Backup and Sync from Windows and Mac.

  • On your Windows and Mac system, after you download and install Backup & Sync, a folder called Google Drive will appear.
  • Navigate to the desired video on your computer, then drag and drop the file into the Google Drive folder and it will be uploaded.

Upload videos from Android devices to Google Drive

  • On your Android device, download, install, and open the Google Drive app.
  • Next, click on + button > Upload.
  • Finally, select the videos you want to upload.

Upload videos from iPhone and iPad

  • On your iOS devices, download, install and launch the Google Drive app.
  • Click on the + button Then select Upload.
  • Next, click Browse Photos and Videos and select the videos to upload.
  • Finally, click Upload button.

Final words

We hope you like our article how to Upload the video to Google Drive. Google Drive is the backbone of everything we do every day with Google Accounts. When you use Gmail to send and receive files, they are stored in Google Drive. When we use Google Photos& use the option to save photos in original resolution& they count against 15GB of storage in Google Drive. Otherwise, they are provided by Google for free.


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