How to undervolt a CPU

Today we focusing How to undervolt a CPU.

In this article we will talk how to Undervolt a CPU. Although our computers are magical, they don’t run on unicorn kisses and fairy dust. In conclusion, dear old electricity runs through the computer’s electronic nerves. Like any electronic device, computer components run on specific voltages. That’s the amount of pressure that pushes electrons through the circuits inside the computer.

The CPU is designed to operate at a certain voltage, but you can adjust it to raise or lower it. It’s the latter that we want to talk about in this article, and we’ll start with the most important question. Electronics are not 100% efficient. This means that some of the electrical energy flowing through the CPU is converted into heat. That’s why the CPU needs a heatsink and fan to prevent overheating. Lowering the CPU’s voltage also reduces the amount of electrons passing through the system. This will reduce the heat.

The first advantage is that a cooler CPU will have a longer lifespan. Additionally, the lower the CPU voltage, the less power the CPU consumes. Therefore, for battery-powered devices, undervolting is a way to extend battery life. Although undervolting is a way to achieve higher clock speeds in some cases, it is usually overvolting that enables constant overclocking, so undervolting a CPU is not the preferred method for performance enthusiasts. Below, we have mentioned the steps to undervolt the CPU.

How to Undervolt a CPU

  • We will use Throttlestop software for this purpose.
  • Under Settings choose “Speed ​​Shift – EPP” option. It enables Intel’s SpeedShift technology, resulting in smoother performance and better battery life.
  • First, let’s try to get a base value for our temperature. Press “TS Bench” and start the test. Keep an eye on the temperature values ​​during this test. Now let’s start the undervolting.
  • Click on “FIVR”. This will open a menu through which we can reduce our CPU.
  • First click on “OK – save voltages immediately”.
  • Click “Unlock Adjustable Voltage” and initially use the Offset Voltage slider to undervolt the CPU Core, CPU Cache and Intel GPU by -100mV and press Apply.
  • If your laptop Crashes at -100mV, you should try with -80mV. Increase the value by 20mV until you are stable with no outages. Crashing is part of the process. The laptop will restart itself. This is nothing to be afraid of.
  • On the other hand, your laptop Fixed at -100mV, start adding -10mV until you experience a system crash. The last stable setting before you experience any crashes is your undervolt limit.
  • Finally, click “Apply” and “OK”.
  • You can run benchmark test with “TS Bench”. Look at the temperature values. Low volt temperature values ​​should be lower than the original tails we mentioned earlier. Also, if you have any error, increase the undervolt value by 10mV and run the benchmark again.
  • Now we will show you how to Lower the throttlestop to the notification area rather than the taskbar how to Turn on the throttlestop at start-up So you don’t have to do it manually every time you start your computer.
  • First, uncheck the “Task Bar” option and click on Options. Here, select “Start Minimized” and “Minimize on Close”. Finally, click “OK”.
  • Now whenever you close Throttlestop, it’s in the notification area rather than the taskbar.
  • Let’s set the throttlestop to begin with-up.
  • Open “Task Schedule” from the Start menu and click “Create Basic Task” under the “Actions” bar on the right-hand side.
  • Enter the name “throttlestop” and click Next.
  • For the prompt, select the “When I log in” option and click Next.
  • For action, select “Start a program” and click Next.
  • Select Browse, select the Throttlestop.exe file you downloaded earlier, click Open, and select the “Open Properties dialog for this task” option.
  • On the Properties tab, select “Run with elevated privileges” and you’re done.
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