How to Switch Phones Without Losing WhatsApp Data

Today we focusing How to Switch Phones Without Losing WhatsApp Data.

In this article we will talk how to Click Phones Without losing WhatsApp data. WhatsApp is the main communication app for billions of users. If you don’t want to lose your chat history while switching to a new chat phone. You can change your WhatsApp data to a new one phone By restoring from Google Drive or local backup. WhatsApp automatically backs off up Its chats to local storage every day. So, you can copy the local backup file and transfer it to your new Android device. When you set up up Your WhatsApp account, you can restore your existing backup.

You can keep your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive. WhatsApp allows you to enable automatic backup feature And select the backup frequency as daily, weekly or monthly. This way, you will have a second copy of your WhatsApp data and the chat history will not be lost. Below are the steps for the conversion Phones Without losing WhatsApp data.

How to Click Phones Without losing WhatsApp data

Change WhatsApp to new phone

If you are switching from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is no less than a boon. This program aims to manage your WhatsApp in a better way. Be it transfer, backup or restore, the tool does it all in minutes. Using this program, you can easily transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone or Android.

  • Download, install and launch the program on your computer. Now, tap on “WhatsApp Transfer” from the main screen.
  • Click on the “WhatsApp Transfer” tab given in the left panel. There are various data that can be changed.
  • Take the source and target device, be it Android or iOS; The tool works on both. Get the relevant cables and connect your device to the computer. You will see a screen below. Click on “Flip”. button If your device settings are incorrect.
  • Click “Start”. button Now you will get a pop-up. Press “Yes” to continue. The transfer process will now begin. Wait until you see the transfer completed notification on your screen.
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Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android with chat backup

When changing WhatsApp to new phone and both (old and new) phones Android, you need to take help of Google Drive Backup. In recent versions of WhatsApp, the app automatically creates a backup of chats on Google Drive at 2 am. phone. While installing WhatsApp on a new phone With the same number, you will get your chat history phone When this automatic backup is enabled on your device.

  • Open WhatsApp on your root Android device and tap on the “three dots” in the corner. Tap “Settings” and select “Chats”.
  • Now, tap on “Chat Backup”. You can now back up manually by clicking “BACKUP” or you can set the frequency to back up daily, weekly, etc. as per your choice.
  • Now, on your new device, install WhatsApp from “Play Store” and login phone The number you used earlier phone.
  • When you do that, you’ll be prompted to restore a backup. Follow the prompts and your chats will be on your new device in minutes.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

We are going to mention a method that involves iCloud backup to transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to another. feature On WhatsApp. However, please note that this method can overwrite existing data on your device. So, if you fully agree with the consequences, make sure to follow this route. Here are the steps to follow to transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhones.

  • First, enable the iCloud backup function on both the source and target devices. Ignore if already done.
  • Take your source or old iPhone and open “WhatsApp”.
  • Now, tap on “Settings” followed by “Chat Settings”.
  • Go to “Chat Backup” and click “Backup Now”.
  • Your chats phone successfully supported up On WhatsApp’s iCloud server.
  • After this, take your new or target device. Install and launch WhatsApp on it.
  • Enter your number on the login screen to continue.
  • Here, you need to restore your previous chats.
  • Press “Reset Chat History” when prompted, and you’ll be able to retrieve your chats in a new one phone.
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Final words

We hope you like our article how to Click Phones Without losing WhatsApp data. WhatsApp users are connected to the internet by sending pictures, audio and video messages to other numbers. Since almost everyone has WhatsApp nowadays features Group chats, sharing links, location tags and voice calls etc. with a phone And internet connectivity, you can stay in touch with people anywhere.


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