How to Recycle Old Electronics

Today we focusing How to Recycle Old Electronics.

This article is about how to Recycle old electronics. These days, recycling old electronics is part of your annual holiday traditions. It’s good to have the latest version of your device, but what about the old one? This problem has led to a dramatic accumulation of e-waste and a surge in hazardous battery disposal. We must try to find out how to Recycle old electronics responsibly this holiday season. That means avoiding e-waste in landfill and disposing of batteries safely.

Electronic products are made from valuable resources and materials, including metals, plastics and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Donating or recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing virgin materials. Below are the steps to recycle old electronics.

4 ways to recycle old electronics

Take it to a recycler

Many non-profit organizations and local churches offer ways to help recycle old electronics. One such organization, Call2Recycle, offers drop-off locations for rechargeable batteries and cells phones Across America. Enter your zip code at to find an accepting site.

Access may be limited due to covid-19 issues. So before you leave your home, check to see if the drop-off location is open and accepting recyclables. You can also search for local options by entering your ZIP code and the product you want to recycle in the Computer Technology Association’s Recycling Locator or Earth911’s comprehensive recycling database. Earth911 also offers phone assistance at 800-CLEANUP.

Donate it

Even if your used equipment still works, or in many cases it doesn’t, there may be a charity or non-profit organization that would be happy to take it off your hands. Check with local organizations for seniors and recreation centers first. Get a receipt for your donation so you can deduct it on your taxes next year. Here are some other programs that can help you get your old equipment to people who need it.

  • Dell Reconnect is a partnership with Goodwill that accepts any computer brand, as well as “anything that can connect to a computer,” according to the website. You can drop off your used appliances at Goodwill locations across the country.
  • The World Computer Exchange is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in developing countries and promote the reuse and proper recycling of electronic devices. It provides used computers, devices and various types of gadgets to communities around the world.
  • eBay for Charity lets you sell your used gadgets (or anything else, really) and donate part or all of the proceeds to a charity of your choice.
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Take it to a tech company

Many electronics manufacturers and retailers offer robust recycling programs. Programs can be searched by product or company in the catalog on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Below are some of the many programs that allow consumers to recycle old electronics. Visit your brand or retailer’s website to learn more about each program.

  • Amazon offers gift cards for almost any type of electronics, including music CDs and video games. Certain items may be eligible for a limited time promotional credit toward a new qualifying Amazon device.
  • Apple’s Giveback program offers up $1,530 in gift cards or in-store credit on qualifying products. The company will accept and recycle any non-eligible material.
  • Best Buy offers recycling options for a wide range of electronics wherever you shop.
  • Office Depot and Staples offer $2 in store credit (with some restrictions) per printer cartridge to Rewards Program members. up Up to 10 or 20 bullets per month respectively. Most printer manufacturers, including HP, Epson and Canon, have their own recycling programs.
  • Sprint’s buyback program offers account credits mobile phones From any carrier. For specific details on others phone For programs, see the manufacturer’s website.

Things that should always be recycled

We love our planet, don’t we? Then stop destroying it. On the TV show “Consumer 101,” Consumer Reports reveals five items you should always recycle instead of throwing them in the trash.

Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article How to Recycle old electronics. Electronic products including computers and phones, the world’s fastest growing garbage problem. On average, Britons throw away 23kg of electronics every year. There are many reasons why this is such a problem. Electronics contain toxic substances including mercury, lead, zinc, nickel, barium, cadmium and chromium. And once they’re thrown away, they have somewhere to go. If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends.

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