How to Manually Update Windows 11

Today we focusing How to Manually Update Windows 11.

In this article we will talk how to Update Windows 11 manually. Microsoft is constantly adding new ones features For Windows 11, it forces users to update their computers immediately. The new builds add tabs to File Explorer, a new Bluetooth menu in Quick Settings, and more. Overall, it’s an exciting time to be using Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system.

Updating the system is a routine task that is usually handled by the operating system and requires minimal user intervention. The same applies to updating Windows 11. However, if you are having trouble downloading updates on your PC, or want to install a specific update on any PC, Microsoft allows users to download it officially without opting to update later. Update the package from the Microsoft catalog website for their convenience. Below are 2 steps to update Windows 11.

How to Update Windows 11 manually

Update Windows 11 from Settings

The easiest way to update Windows 11 is through Windows Settings. You can download and apply the update on your Windows 11 PC with a single click. Here’s how it works.

  • First, press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to open the Settings app. Next, navigate to the “Windows Update” section from the left sidebar.
  • Once here, click on “Check for Updates”. If there is an update, it will be displayed up It will automatically download here.
  • After that, the update will be installed and you will be asked to restart your computer. Restart your computer and you’ll have your Windows 11 PC up to date in no time.
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Update Windows 11 manually

You can update Windows 11 manually by downloading the MSU file. It is a Windows Update file that can be installed just like any other EXE program. This method is very useful for users who are getting “Undo system changes” error message on Windows 11 PC. Here it is how to to continue.

  • First, press “Windows + I” to open the Settings app. Now, navigate to “Windows Update” from the left sidebar. Here, note down the update pack number starting with “KB”.
  • Now, open and enter the update pack number you mentioned above in the search field. Then, press Enter.
  • It will display all the updates for the particular update pack. Now, based on your computer, be it x64 or ARM based, download the required update. For most users, this will be x64.
  • After downloading the update, double-click the MSU file and install the update. Once it’s done, restart your computer and your Windows 11 PC will be updated to the latest build.

Final words

We hope you like our article how to Update Windows 11 manually. In Windows 11, a cumulative update or quality update is a service patch that Microsoft previews to fix bugs, improve security, and improve system performance. Although updates are automatically downloaded via Windows Update, sometimes a particular patch may need to be installed manually.


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