How to Hide Taskbar Automatically in Windows 11

Today we focusing How to Hide Taskbar Automatically in Windows 11.

This article is about how to Auto Hide Windows 11 Taskbar. Windows operating system comes with a taskbar which is located at the bottom of the screen by default. The taskbar contains the Start menu, search bar, and Cortana, along with other application icons for quick and direct access. You can also pin your favorite apps here. If you’ve ever had the privilege of performing a clean install of Windows 11/10, you know that the taskbar appears by default. It’s always on top and accessible, except when windows are open in fullscreen mode.

Microsoft’s new operating system features A brand new settings app with redesigned sections, new design elements and updated logic. For a regular user, such a drastic change can cause problems in finding popular settings. Below, we have mentioned the steps for the same How to Auto Hide Taskbar in Windows 11

How to Automatically show and hide the Windows taskbar

Using settings

With Windows 11’s default settings, the taskbar is always visible. To enable or disable the auto-hide taskbar feature you need to do the following steps:-

  • Launch the Settings app by pressing the Windows logo + I keys all the way down, then click on the Personalization category.
  • On the right side of Personalization, click on the Taskbar tab to open it.
  • Click the down arrow under Taskbar Behaviors to expand it.
  • Here, under the “Taskbar Alignment” section, check the “Auto-hide taskbar” option.

Through Registry Editor

To auto-hide or unhide Windows 11 taskbar using Registry Editor, do the following:-

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Then, navigate to the following key in the left sidebar of Registry Editor:-
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3
  • To the right of the StuckRects3 key, double-click REG_BINARY settings to edit it.
  • In the “Edit Binary Value” popup-up In the window, double-click the first entry before 00000008 and replace 7A with 7B.
  • Click OK.
  • Finally, restart your computer to apply the changes.
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Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to Show or hide Windows 11/10 taskbar automatically. The Windows 11 taskbar sits at the bottom of the screen by default, containing the Start menu, shortcuts to your favorite apps, Action Center icons, and buttons You can click to switch between apps. Active. If it feels like taking up The more space, the more you can hide it so it only shows up When you need it.


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