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This article is about how to Extract text from image. Sometimes you need to copy text from an image. You might want to capture a phrase from a screenshot, dropdown menu, error message, or pop-up.up A window that does not allow text selections. It can also be the file name, file size or modification date stored in a file directory. In such cases, if you try to copy the text, you will notice that it will not work. Although all text looks the same to you, there is a big difference between actual text and text embedded in a graphic for your computer.

There are many reasons why you might want to use an OCR function to copy text from an image or PDF. Paste text from an image or screenshot into Microsoft Office or another document. Capture the text in the error message, pop-up A window or menu where text cannot be selected. Capturing the text of a file folder’s filename, file size, modified date, regardless of your situation, this kind of function is helpful, especially if you need to copy information from a file folder or copy a screenshot of a website. Spend a lot of time retyping all the text. Below, we have mentioned the steps to extract text from image.

7 Ways to Extract Text from an Image

Convert images to text online

There are many OCR tools online that allow you to extract text from images on any device. All you need to use this tool is a browser and an internet connection (PC and mobile) I have tried several online OCR tools and the new OCR has given the best results on all the images I have used. The service is completely free and very easy to use.

In my experience, the tool extracted text without errors and copied formatting and spacing correctly. However, it does not recognize fonts and text size, so not all text is formatted.

Use Google Docs to extract text from images

If you already use Google Docs to create documents, you don’t need another tool to extract text from images. In the desktop version of Google Docs, you can upload an image and use the built-in OCR technology to extract text from an image.

While this worked well for most images I tested, extracting text correctly with minor formatting errors, it was really messy. up One of the receipt images. The font size and color is completely different from the image which looks completely ugly. Fortunately, such an error can be easily fixed by selecting all the text and selecting the default font. Of all the OCR tools I tested, Google Docs proved to provide the best text extraction.

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Convert images to text in Windows

If you want to convert images on your Windows PC, there are many OCR tools available. Easy Screen OCR is an excellent Windows OCR software that extracts text accurately. It’s a tiny tool of just 7MB that runs from the system tray. You can take a new screenshot or upload an image file to extract the text.

A small window will open where you can drag and drop the image and it will be processed automatically. The extracted text is displayed in a new area that you can copy. The tool is definitely more accurate in extracting text, but it doesn’t take formatting or fonts into account. You will get only plain text with fixed size and spacing. You cannot export text to a document; There is a copy button Allows you to copy all extracted text.

Unfortunately, the free version of Easy Screen OCR only offers a limited number of free scans; For unlimited usage, you need to purchase Pro subscription. If you’re looking for a completely free OCR tool for Windows, FreeOCR is worth a try.

Extract text from images on Android

There are many apps for Android that allow you to convert images to text. Not only that, you can scan text on the go from all Android devices phones There are built-in cameras. Text Scanner is my favorite Android OCR app because it allows you to extract text from images offline. It also offers unlimited free scans in multiple languages. The only major drawback is the ads in the free version, which can be quite intrusive, but it works offline so you can use the app without internet to avoid ads. You can upgrade to Pro version to remove ads and get faster processing.

There is a button At the top right corner of the app to select images from the gallery, and a button Take a photo of the text in the lower right corner camera. Use any of these options to upload a photo and the app will automatically process and display the extracted text.

The text scanner flawlessly extracted text from all the images I tried. However, it used standard fonts and did not try to copy the format like other OCR tools. You cannot export the extracted text to a specific document format, and only have the option to copy or split the text.

Use the OCR Chrome extension

If you mainly want to extract text from images on the web, a Chrome extension can help. I like two extensions for this purpose, Copyfish and Project Naptha. Project Naphtha is my favorite of the two because it automatically selects all the text inside images on the web.

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You don’t have to do anything, just install the extension and it will make any image on the web available for you to choose from. If you see an image with text, left click on it to select it and copy it. Of course, the extraction isn’t perfect, but it worked well for the images I used. It also gives you the option to translate the selected text if you want. Instead, if you want to scan and convert images as needed, Copyfish is a great option. After installing Copyfish, you can click on “Extension”. button Open a tool to select where you want to extract the text. Once the area is selected, Copyfish copies the image of the highlighted area into its interface and extracts the text with OCR.

The extracted text can be copied using a special button. You can even translate it using a button Open the text directly in Google Translate. For best results, make sure the image is open at the highest possible resolution as Copyfish takes a screenshot of the image.

Convert images to text on Mac

Honestly, there aren’t many good OCR tools for MacOS. If you want to use a good OCR software for MacOS, you need to buy a paid software. TextSnipper is one of the most powerful OCR tools for MacOS. Extract text from images, PDFs, presentations, videos, screenshots, etc.

Another program is Readiris – it’s more than just OCR software. It is a complete tool for creating and editing many advanced PDFs features For extracting text from PDFs and images. The tool comes with a trial version that provides all its access features for 10 days. If you like the tool, you can purchase one of the pro versions depending on your needs. You can use Readiris to extract from images/PDFs stored on your computer or take screenshots of any images and extract text from them.

Apart from extracting, you can annotate PDFs, add voice comments, split/merge PDFs, add watermarks, save scans online, convert text to audio and more. If you need both an OCR tool and a PDF manager, Readiris is worth investing in.

Use an OCR app for iOS

Scanner Pro is one of the best OCR and document scanning apps for iOS. Most applications features Available for free, but unfortunately you have to sign up up Use image-to-text conversion for $19.99/year Plus subscription feature.

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The main function of the application is to scan paper documents and save them as PDF files with proper formatting. With a Pro subscription, you can extract text from these scans. The free version scans documents but saves them with a watermark. Another interesting one feature Text search, which allows you to search for images based on the text in the image. This includes all scans and PDF files you share.

If you’re looking for a simple and free OCR app for iOS, English OCR is worth checking out. It allows you to take photos of documents to be processed or upload photos from memory. All apps features It’s free, but you can get the Pro version without ads.

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