How to Delete Zillow account

Today we focusing How to Delete Zillow account.

Tired of using your Zillow account and want to delete, suspend or deactivate it? If the above applies to you, don’t worry: you’re in the right place to find out how to Delete your Zillow account. Company email spamming is one of the many reasons why you should delete your Zillow account. An American online real estate company called Zillow allows its users to post real estate listings on the Internet and buy or rent the property in question.

Users of the site can create and edit accounts, read listings of real estate listings posted by other users, get details about properties, contact the listing author by filling out a form or call the number directly to buy or rent them in the United States. Before we delve into the process of deleting a Zillow account, let’s look at the reasons why: Creating an account requires you to provide a certain amount of information to real estate sites like Zillow, but after you sell your home, you may no longer need your Zillow account.

Similarly, if you are a real estate agent on Zillow and have issues with sites such as spam communication, it is best to “delete Zillow account”. Note that most of the people who delete their account from the website are those who receive emails like promotional offers or newsletters from the company that make their inbox look like spam, some of your information will be lost forever. However, if you really want to remove it completely, follow our helpful instructions. Below, we have outlined the steps to delete a Zillow account.

How to Delete a Zillow account

Follow the steps below to deactivate your free Zillow profile:

  • Log in to your Zillow profile.
  • Click on My Zillow in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click Account Settings from the blue menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Now go to account deactivation section and click Deactivate Account.
  • On the following page, select the reason for deactivating your profile.
  • Above all, click Deactivate Account on this page to confirm deactivating your profile.


That’s all in our article on how to delete a Zillow account. If you’re ready to delete your Zillow Premier Agent account, follow the procedure described above. If you want to delete your account from being a Zillow Premier agent, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to delete any active ads you have. Next, you’ll need to contact Zillow customer service to request the deletion of your account. Finally, you should remove any Zillow Premier Agent branding from your website or other marketing materials.


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