How to Delete a Hotmail ( Account

Today we focusing How to Delete a Hotmail ( Account.

Every so often in the life of an email address, there comes a time when you need to retire it. Maybe it suffered from spam overload or an unprofessional username, or decided to switch to a new email provider. What is the procedure to follow if I want to delete the address with the provider? To learn more, read on! Both Outlook and Hotmail are owned and operated by Microsoft. If you have an email account with either service, it is inextricably linked to the rest of your Microsoft Account profile. So, you cannot delete Outlook or Hotmail account without deleting Microsoft account.

Depending on the use case, this may not be sensible or possible. Many other services rely on a Microsoft account, including Windows, Xbox Live, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft To-Do. Not everyone has an Outlook email address. If you have a more professional email solution, you may be forced to delete your account. Whatever the reason, you need to understand how to Close your email ID. For a long time, Microsoft’s official email platform was Hotmail. However, a few years ago, it merged all the services and turned into an email solution, pushing Hotmail into oblivion. Below, we have mentioned the steps to delete Hotmail ( account.

How to Delete Hotmail ( account

Open the Hotmail removal link

  • By clicking on the green button Below and log in to the account you want to delete.
  • Select button Make sure the account is ready to close below section.

Tick ​​all the boxes and give a reason

  • Why do you want to remove your Hotmail account? says this will help improve their services. Select the token account to close when you’re done.

You will receive a confirmation

  • Your account will be closed in 60 days. You will also receive a copy of this message as your text message mobile phone.
  • After 60 days your account cannot be recovered and will be permanently removed.


We hope you enjoy our article on Delete Hotmail ( Account. If you want to delete a Hotmail or Outlook account, the process is relatively simple. However, you should consider the potential impact this may have on other Microsoft services you use. Now you know how to Delete Hotmail or Outlook account up You must decide whether to continue.


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