How to Create Restore Point in Windows 11

Today we focusing How to Create Restore Point in Windows 11.

In this article we will talk how to Create a restore point in Windows 11. In Windows 11, System Restore is a feature It has been around for a long time. It is used to take snapshots of the current working state of the system and store them as “restore points” when certain events are triggered. For example, when installing an update, after applying changes to a driver, an application, or the registry.

The only downside is the recovery feature Not enabled by default. This means that you must manually configure your computer before using it to undo system changes that might prevent it from operating normally. System Restore is a feature Available in Windows 11, it allows you to create a copy of the system state as a “restore point”. when feature Enabled, a restore point is automatically created when system changes are detected, such as a new update or driver installation. Below are the steps to create Restore Point in Windows 11.

How to Enable restore points in Windows 11

For most users, Windows OS enables System Restore on your boot drive by default. It may be higher than your C: drive, but it will vary depending on how your PC is set up up. From the restore point feature It’s a great way to diagnose and fix problems that your PC may have been running on since day one. However, you can manually run System Restore in System Protection as well. To run System Restore:

  • Press Win + S to open Windows Search.
  • Type restore point and click Create restore point from the search results.
  • In the System Properties window, open the System Security tab.
  • Make sure Security is set to ON under the Security Settings section.
  • If it is set to Off, click Configure button.
  • Select Turn on system security.
  • Next, drag the slider to adjust the amount of storage you want to allocate to store restore points.
  • Click Apply OK to save the changes.
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Repeat the steps to run system restore for other available drives on your computer. This is recommended if you install applications on a different drive than the C: drive.

How to Create a restore point in Windows 11

To create a restore point:

  • Open the System Security tab in the System Properties window.
  • Click Create button.
  • Enter a description or name for the restore point. It is recommended practice to include the name of the event with the date.
  • Click Create. System Security will start creating the restore point and will display a success message if successful. This may take a few seconds, please wait for it to finish.
  • Click Close.

How to Use Restore Point to restore your Windows 11 system

You can perform a system restore to undo system changes by returning your system to a previous restore point. That is, don’t use a recovery point at the drop of a hat. It is an efficient but time-consuming process. So, use it only as a last resort to solve major system problems in Windows. To use a restore point with System Restore:

  • Open the System Security tab in the System Properties window.
  • Here, click on System Restore button.
  • In the System Restore window, click Next button.
  • You can see all the available restore points and their type (manual/automatic) on the next page.
  • To see all hidden restore points, select the Show more restore points check box.
  • Click Scan for infected programs. System Restore will now scan and display a list of affected programs and drivers. This list contains programs and drivers that will be removed and restored during the process.
  • Click Close and Next to continue.
  • On the confirmation screen, read the description to understand the nature of the reset and the affected drivers.
  • Click Finish button To confirm the action.
  • System Restore will display a warning that once it starts, System Restore cannot be stopped. Click Yes to confirm and continue.
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Final words

We hope you like our article on creating a Restore Point in Windows 11. System Restore is a tool built into Windows that allows you to take a snapshot of your current system state, which can be saved as a “restore point” whenever your system detects something significant. changes.


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