How to Block number in Android

Today we focusing How to Block number in Android.

In this article we will talk how to Block Number on Android. We all want to use phone Send and receive information to keep our lives running smoothly. But nowadays, it uses phone It is becoming a bit of a problem. One of the main reasons for this is annoying calls from spam callers, telemarketers and cold calls from companies, often related to their products and services.

If you get annoyed or frustrated by such callers, you can easily block them on your Android phone. You can block all unknown numbers on your Android phone And can save valuable time. You can block specific numbers individually and blocking them is convenient and easy.

Both Android and iPhone offer built-in privileges features To block nuisance calls, private numbers and unwanted calls. If your device doesn’t offer the option to block unknown calls, you can download a third-party app that can help you. However, it is not good to block individual numbers, below are the steps to block number on Android.

How to Block Number on Android

How to Block a number on Android using Phone Processor

Go to phone to block a number or contact on your Android Phone Tap on the app’s settings and tap on the Numbers option. Here’s the full step-by-step breakdown:

  • open Phone Processor.
  • While on the Recent Calls or Contacts tab, tap the More options menu, represented by the three vertical dots at the top right of the app.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on “Blocked numbers” in the Settings menu.
  • Select “Add a number”.
  • Enter manually phone Press “Block” from the number you want to block calls and texts.

How to Block a number on Android using your contact list

  • Start up Phone Processor.
  • Go to Contacts tab.
  • Scroll until you find the contact you want to block and tap their name.
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the app screen.
  • Select “Block Numbers” from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirm that you want to block the contact by selecting “Block”.

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We hope you like our article how to Block Number on Android Most smartphones block incoming calls phone Numbers to prevent receiving spam calls or other unwanted calls. Another option is to block the display of your own caller ID on the recipient’s device.


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