Get Rid Google Search Suggestions

Today we focusing Get Rid Google Search Suggestions.

In this article we will talk how to Remove Google search suggestions. When you type something into Google Chrome’s search bar, it will show you opportunities that other users have searched for, or sometimes you’ve searched for yourself. Sometimes this is useful, but in most cases it is very frustrating. However, the Google Chrome browser has a setting that allows you to disable suggestions in the search bar.

When you type a search query into the search bar, most browsers predict what you will type and provide suggestions. This is feature It’s called auto-completion or search suggestions. Although it is convenient to see such predictions and choose from them to save time, they can annoy you. Below are the steps to get rid of Google search suggestions.

How to Remove Google search suggestions

For iOS users

Go to settings

Open the Chrome app and select ‘Settings’ from the oval icon (represented by three dots in the upper right corner).

Click Privacy

Tap on ‘Privacy’ and turn off the ‘Search and site recommendations’ switch. Before you know it, the new tab page won’t show recommended content.

For Android users

  • Open a new one. Chrome tab
  • Visit the Chrome New Tab page by clicking on the ‘Plus(+)’ icon reflected in the top bar of the window.

Customize Chrome

Select ‘Customize Chrome’ button appears in the lower right corner. From the side menu options, select ‘Cards’.

Hide all cards or options

From the list of options, the appropriate one can be determined. You can choose ‘Hide All Cards’ to change all recommendation types at once or choose the ‘Customize Cards’ option to disable specific recommendations.

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Finish and close the window.

After finalizing the selections, you can press “Done” to complete the process

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