Fix Windows 11 Not Shutting Down Issue

Today we focusing Fix Windows 11 Not Shutting Down Issue.

This article is about Fix Windows 11 not stopping issue. When trying to turn off the computer, it is most likely running on a software-related problem. Windows 11 operating system encounters an error or a program interferes with the PC’s ability to function properly. Another reason a computer won’t shut down is broken power button. This is a rare event. button. It could also be that there is nothing wrong with Windows or the power button, but instead a certain setting is disabled and you can’t seem to shut down even when you press the power button. button.

If you are on a mobile Device, the fastest startup of your computer feature Could also be the culprit behind it. As already mentioned, there may be many possibilities. Although fixing the problem is relatively easy, each solution requires a different approach. So, you may have to do several solutions to fix the problem completely. Below, we have mentioned ways to fix Windows 11/10 not stopping issue.

How to Fix Windows shutdown problem

Use of physical force Button

  • Every laptop Or there is a force on the desktop button. This is a useful option when other shutdown options fail. All you have to do is subdue the physical energy button A few seconds until the computer shuts down completely.
  • If the system shuts down successfully, it confirms that the problem is software-related and not hardware-related. So, press power button Restart the computer again (but don’t stop it this time) and focus on solving the problem.

Using Ctrl + Alt + Delete

If you are struggling to shut down your Windows 11 system, Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkeys will give you relief. This shortcut combination has the ability to stop running activities and processes and enter a safe environment to turn off the PC. This option is useful for safely turning off your computer if the Start menu’s power options or other options don’t work. If you’re interested in other hotkeys, check out the full list of Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts. To get to the point, shut down the computer using the following guidelines

  • Press – Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  • Click on the power icon visible in the lower right corner.
  • Select Shutdown or Restart.
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via the command line

The shutdown command allows the local computer to be shut down directly and immediately after adding the /S parameter. Using this syntax, you can also shut down the computer remotely, and only need to log in with an administrator account. So, the moment you face the problem, follow the steps –

  • Press – Win+S.
  • Type – CMD.
  • Right-click on the command prompt that appears under Best Match.
  • Select – Run as administrator.
  • Click Yes on UAC to open Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Copy – shutdown / s / f / t 0 and right-click on the line.
  • Press Enter to run the command.
  • This will directly shut down the computer.

By Alt + F4

Alt+f4 is another option you can use when facing Windows 11 without shutting down completely. This will trigger a ‘Close Windows’ dialog with several drop down menus. This hotkey works when you don’t run any programs or minimize them on the taskbar. So proceed with the below steps –

  • Close or minimize all open programs on your computer.
  • Press Alt key with F4.
  • Close should be selected by default.
  • Click Enter or press OK.

Using the run command

A command executed at the command line works with equal efficiency when used through the Run command to shut down the PC. So, go through the below steps –

  • Press – Win+R.
  • Type – shutdown / s / f / t 0
  • – Enter.

Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to Fix Windows 11/10 shutdown problem. You can shut down your computer every day after your work or entertainment session. After all, even computers can use a little break from time to time. But what happens if Windows gets stuck on the shutdown screen or won’t close? You can scroll up Try these repair methods to fix your sleeves and it.

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