Fix Search Glitches in Windows 11

Today we focusing Fix Search Glitches in Windows 11.

Hello everyone, today we will learn in this article how to Fix search glitches in Windows 11. The search tool in Windows has increased and decreased its integration with both Cortana and File Explorer. feature Operating system updates. These frequent changes in search tasks can lead to glitches, some of which are easy to fix. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Although it may seem like a big undertaking, fixing search problems in Windows is actually relatively simple. If you’re looking to fix one of these common problems, we have the good news that you’ve come to the right place. A very useful one features Windows is the ability to search for files on your desktop or laptop and the Internet directly from the search box on the taskbar.

However, as Microsoft releases many updates to the operating system, the search changes frequently feature Jobs caused problems for some users. Before proceeding, we recommend updating your Windows 11 PC. Below we have mentioned ways to fix search errors in Windows 11/10.

How to Fix search bugs in Windows

Run a search Button on the taskbar

Step 1 : You cannot use search button Now, right-click anywhere on the taskbar to bring it up up “Taskbar settings” desire. Click on it.

Step 2 : a new “systems” window will open.

Step 3 : EnableSearchIf the taskbar item is disabled after Windows Update.

Step 4 : Try using search button Back with your Windows device. If that doesn’t work, try the next few steps.

Check for Windows updates

Step 1 : Go to Windows 11 Settings app

Step 2 : From the right side menu, select “”.Windows Update -> Test the update”.

Step 3 : Check if your device has any Pending updates.

Step 4 : If you have one or more pending, Install Restart your Windows 11 computer to see if the error is gone.

Use search and indexing adjustments in Windows

Step 1 : go tosystems -> system -> adjustment”.

Step 2 : select “Other troubleshooting tools.”

Step 3 : ClickRun“Next”Searching and indexing.”

Step 4 : Wait a few seconds for “Search and Indexing” to detect problems.

Step 5 : you will seeSearching and indexing” expand on problems with search not showing up. Click on all that specifically apply “Unable to start search or view results.”

Step 6 : This may help to describe The problem with Detail.

Step 7 : The adjustment Detects that Windows Search is not working. You need to fix the problem Administrator. Click on to continue.

Step 8 : Wait a few seconds (or minutes) “Searching and indexing” restarts the Windows Search application to resolve the issue.

Step 9 : A message will say that there is a fix Completion. The fix will make some changes to your computer and you should see green checkmarks next to all types of search issues indicating that Windows Search is now working on your device.

Restart the Windows Search service

Step 1 : open “Services” from the Run menu using the keyboard shortcut Win + R.

Step 2 : Scroll down to find “Windows Search.”

Step 3 : Right click Restart It is.

Step 4 : Windows will try now Stop Windows Search service on your computer. Please wait a few seconds for this service Restart Your device and your search button Need to work again.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article how to Fix search glitches in Windows 11/10. The way Windows indexes files and folders on your computer can sometimes cause problems, resulting in Windows Search not working properly. So if none of the other steps work, you should try this one. Hope the above solutions help you to fix this problem. If you want to remove the image from the Windows search bar, you can do that easily too. So, if you liked our article, please share it with others.


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