Fix PC Doctor Module High CPU Usage Issue

Today we focusing Fix PC Doctor Module High CPU Usage Issue.

This article is about how to PC Doctor module fix high CPU usage problem. PC-Doctor Module is part of Dell SupportAssist. Dell SupportAssist comes with almost all Dell computers. It’s a utility that lets you download drivers and fix minute problems. The PC-Doctor Module diagnoses the problem with your computer and sends a report to Dell Technical Support for resolution.

Dell SupportAssist includes the PC Doctor Module, which helps diagnose and resolve computer problems. Additionally, it sends reports to the Dell support team, helping them diagnose and resolve system problems. It requires a lot of resources while solving the problem. It uses your computer’s resources extensively. Below we have mentioned the steps to fix PC Doctor module high CPU usage issue.

PC Doctor Module How to Fix High CPU Usage Problem

Is PC Doctor Module Virus or Malware?

After noticing that PC Doctor module is occupying 100% CPU, if you are wondering if it is a virus, malware or PUA. Here’s what you need to do to find out.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager
  • Click the Processes tab.
  • Select PC-Doctor Module Process > Right Click > Go to Details
  • Doing so will help you find the executable file name of the application. Right-click > Open File Location.
  • Verify that you are redirected to pcdrmemory2.p5x in the process as shown below:

C:Program FilesDellSupportAssistAgentPCDrSupportAssist6.0.7193.611pcdrmemory2.p5x” run -e -lang en -cust dell -var dsc -bd “C:ProgramDataPCDr7193” -engineClientPid.

  • This file is not a threat.

How to Fix PC Doctor Module 100 CPU Problem

Let’s look at some methods to fix Dell High CPU consuming PC Doctor module.

Change upgrade settings with support help

This first method is used to change some settings in your Support Help for PC Doctor module and the following steps guide you –

  • Start the SupportAssist tool.
  • Go to SupportAssist Scheduled Scans
  • You can retrieve old hardware scan and optimization tasks under the History tab.
  • Open Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the SupportAssist window.
  • To disable automatic scans, uncheck Enable automatic scans and updates in:

Uninstall SupportAssist

If you think that SupportAssist is not what you need, you can uninstall it and remove the PC Doctor Module from Dell. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows + X > Apps & Features
  • See Dell SupportAssist
  • Select it > Uninstall

Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to PC Doctor module fix high CPU usage problem. PC-Doctor is a real process, as we said, it’s part of Dell Support Assist, so no viruses are involved. However, there are chances that a virus can hide and eat the PC doctor up Lots of resources. To confirm, right-click PC-Doctor Module and click Open File Location.


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