Fix Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Phone

Today we focusing Fix Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on Phone.

This article is about how to Fix Facebook Messenger keeps crashing Phone. Facebook is one of the most intimate and popular social media platforms today. In fact, Facebook allows us to stay connected with our family and friends wherever and whenever they are, giving us the feeling that we are always close to them. Facebook is the leading social media platform today. With the technology we have today, accessing Facebook and its Messenger has never been easier.

It doesn’t matter if you use mobile A device such as an iPhone or Android device. In this way, we can communicate with many people including our friends, family and loved ones. This is the core role of Facebook Messenger for us. Facebook is one of the social media that interacts with individuals the most. That’s why Facebook has developed a specific app that allows you to chat, make voice calls, send voice messages, and video chat with your family or friends. Below, we have mentioned the steps to fix Facebook Messenger crashing on Android Phone.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on Smartphone

Check for app update

Often, the best solution is the simplest one. This method is suitable for both users who haven’t updated their app for a while and those who have recently updated the app as there are chances of some crashing errors. So, the best option is to check for a new update and update your app. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to update the Facebook Messenger app.

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Grant the required usage permissions

Both Android and iOS devices have privacy feature An app may ask permission before accessing certain functionality of your devices, such as location, Camera, Media and Mic. This helps ensure that an app won’t use your device to track your data, but can also cause problems if necessary permissions are denied.

For Android devices

  • Tap and hold the Messenger app icon to reveal the Shortcuts menu.
  • Select the Application Information option.
  • Go to the Application Permissions menu. This may be permissions for you.
  • Open each permission and select Allow or Allow while using the app.
  • If the app is not used in the App Permissions menu, disable the Remove Permissions toggle.

For iOS devices

  • Open Settings, scroll down and tap the Messenger app.
  • Enable each transition to allow all permissions.
  • Once you have enabled all the permissions, try using the app and check if the Facebook Messenger crash issue is fixed.

Clean cache files

Cache files are temporary files such as thumbnails or icons stored on your device. up Faster without re-downloading these things every time you open them. But these cache files can sometimes crash the app itself. So these files also end up needing to be cleaned from time to time up will take up space in your storage.

  • Tap and hold your Messenger app icon home Screen. It will open up Shortcuts menu
  • From the Shortcuts menu, select Application Info.
  • Tap the Erase Data icon. This can be under the Storage and Cache or Storage Usage option on your device.
  • Select Clear Cache
  • Once the cache is cleared, open and use the Messenger app. Hopefully, it works fine now.
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Final Words

We hope you will understand and enjoy this article how to Fix Facebook Messenger keeps crashing Phone. Among the most used and widely used apps among smartphone users worldwide, Messenger stands out. Because of this, it can be really annoying if something goes wrong and the software starts behaving strangely. However, like any other application, the Messenger application has some drawbacks. Although it is designed to be robust and stable, mistakes can still occur. However, unexpected crashes and app crashes are inevitable. If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends.


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