Fix Computer Not Detecting iPhone Issue

Today we focusing Fix Computer Not Detecting iPhone Issue.

In this article, we will show you how to Fix computer not detecting iPhone problem. Apple devices ranging from iPad, iPhone to iTunes have difficulty connecting to Windows PC. Connecting these two devices via USB lighting cable or Bluetooth may challenge you to face issues. Such as computer not recognizing iPhone or iPhone not connecting to PC.

This problem is very common, many Android and Windows users buy iPhone. Unless you have a Mac that is mostly compatible with Apple products. People connect their computer to iPhone for intensive activities, protect their data from backup while using iTunes, fix iPhone technical problems or transfer video from PC to iPhone.

There are many reasons why iPhone is not recognized by PC/Mac. The USB cable and USB port are probably one of the most common causes. If there is something wrong with the USB cable or the USB port, you cannot connect your iPhone to the computer and as a result your iPhone will not be recognized by the PC. Let’s assume that the reason you need to update your iPhone to iOS 15 is because of the iOS 15 you’re currently running. If you are using Mac May you need to update to newer version of macOS or install older version of macOS Others may be software issues like Windows system or iTunes issue. Apple USB driver problem may also cause PC not to recognize iPhone. Below we have mentioned ways to fix computer not detecting iPhone issue.

How to Fix computer not detecting iPhone problem

Updates Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Step 1: Go up to connect Your iPhone is for you pc.

Step 2: open up Your Search (your bottom-left)Type and open Device Managerand expand Universal Serial Bus controllers

Step 3: Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, you’ll see Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Double click to open it Properties

Step 4: Go on Driver tab And Uninstall driver

Step 5: Disconnect Your iPhone, and to connect Again

Reinstalling iTunes

Step 1: Uninstall iTunes. Go on Apple website Install iTunes again

Step 2: Connect iPhone to you pc.

Step 3: open Device managementr, and expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Step 4: under Universal Serial Bus ControllersYou will see Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Double click to open its properties

Step 5: Go on Driver tab And Update driver.

Update Windows

Step 1: open Settings menu Go to Update & Security > Windows Update.

Step 2: Click Check for updates to ask it to scan your computer Latest updates. The update will automatically download and install.

Step 3: Click on Now start again Restart your computer to complete the installation process.

Trust the computer

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for you Computer or another device.

Step 2: Enter your Passcode (if you have one) to unlock your iOS device.

Step 3: Tap hope.

Try a different USB port on your computer

Since your computer doesn’t recognize iPhone, you can try connecting your iPhone using any other USB ports on your computer.

Restart your iPhone

Step 1: Tap and hold on the side or Vol button On the iPhone.

Step 2: Slide Power off the slider turn off phone.

Step 3: wait 30 seconds or more.

Step 4: Finally, tap and hold page button return phone Again.

Final Words

We believe in our article how to Fixing computer not detecting iPhone problem will help you and solve all your problems. Technically, these problems can be hardware problem or software problem in any device. Apple always fixes their flaws and improves them in the next OS versions. For example, if your computer is not detecting your iPhone, your iOS 15 might be the main reason behind it, so Apple will address this issue in the upcoming iOS versions under iOS 16 Developer Beta and iOS 16 Public Beta testing. It gives you a seamless experience with its next OS.


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