Fix Bad Image 0xc0000006 Error in Windows PC

Today we focusing Fix Bad Image 0xc0000006 Error in Windows PC.

This article is about how to Fix Bad Image 0xc0000006 Error on Windows PC. The bad image error is an old problem that appeared in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows. A problem appears with a message when you cannot run or start a program fluently after installing a Windows update. Error code 0xc0000006 bad image error when opening programs can prevent you from continuing with normal computer functions. The message indicates that it is not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. You must manually close the dialog each time before continuing. Gradually the computer starts freezing and crashing and the PC becomes useless.

In some cases, you may encounter Bad Image Error Status 0xc0000006 while trying to install programs including Microsoft Store apps or an already installed program on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC. This post provides the most suitable solutions that affected PC users can apply to successfully fix this error on their PC.

A bad image error occurs when a system process is interrupted or a corrupted file infects the system. If you get a bad image error on your Windows 11/10 PC, it means that Windows cannot run the program you are trying to run because the files and libraries required to run the program are corrupted. Upgrade. Below we have mentioned the steps to fix bad image 0xc0000006 error in Windows 11/10.

How to Fix Bad Image 0xc0000006 Error in Windows

Download the program installer again

It could be a corrupted installer for the app in question. If you downloaded the executable file, download a fresh installer and retry the installation to see if the error status 0xc00006 issue is resolved. Otherwise, you can try reinstalling the program on your Windows 11/10 PC using the original installation media suggested in the error message.

On the other hand, if the program is already installed on your computer, but an error occurs when you try to launch the application, you can uninstall the application

Run the program installation and uninstall

Since this is a program installation issue, run the Microsoft Program Installation and Uninstallation Troubleshooter and see if the problem is fixed. Program installation and uninstall troubleshooting helps you automatically fix problems when programs fail to install or uninstall. It also fixes corrupted registry keys.

Run SFC and DISM scan

It could be corrupted system files or wrong computer image. To rule out both possibilities, run an SFC or DISM scan in this case and see if that fixes the problem.

Re-register/replace the DLL file

Since it is a .dll file, we can re-register the DLL file in question and see if that helps. However, to rule out the possibility of malware/virus infection of the file or the system in general, run a full virus scan with Windows Defender or another reputable third-party AV product first.

If you accidentally delete a dll file from your computer, you can recover the file from the recycle bin. You can recover this file by logging into another working Windows computer that was recently updated, go to the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, copy the file to a USB drive, then insert the drive into the problem computer and navigate to the correct folder. Pastes the file in place. Alternatively, you can download a healthy copy of the DLL file from Winbindex – a new web service that allows users to view information about Windows 11/10 OS files and download them from Microsoft servers.

Uninstall Windows Update

Some affected PC users reported that they noticed the error only after the latest Windows update. If this situation applies to you, you can uninstall Windows Update and see if that helps.

Perform a system reset

As the system was working without any problems until recently, your system might have undergone a change that you are not aware of. In this case, since you don’t know what change is disrupting normal computer operation and consequently causing this error, you can perform a system reset to restore your computer to a working state before the error occurred.

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