Find Out if Phone is eSIM Compatible

Today we focusing Find Out if Phone is eSIM Compatible.

Hello everyone, in this article we will show you how to Find out if there is Phone eSIM compatible. An eSIM is a digital SIM card that is inserted into a smartphone instead of or alongside a physical SIM card. However, you can only download an eSIM with certain compatible smartphones. Apple, Motorola, Google and Samsung support eSIM functionality. Reputable telecom service providers like Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea offer eSIM functionality for compatible devices.

An eSIM allows customers to switch carriers remotely phone Without even buying the latest SIM card. Also, it allows customers to store multiple profiles on the same device with two or more numbers and seamlessly switch between them. To use an eSIM, both the service provider and the user’s smartphone must support it feature.

Since this is a relatively new communication technology, very few smartphones support this functionality. Before we continue, we recommend you to update your smartphones, basically update Apple iPhone and update Android device. Below are the steps to check Phone eSIM compatible.

How to Find out if there is Phone eSIM compatible

Samsung devices

Step 1 : Go systems

Step 2 : If you see a search bar in settings, type “”.IMEI“, and option “IMEI information” (or similar) should be displayed up (Otherwise, you should go to About phone> position).

Step 3 : Tap “IMEI information

Step 4 : if “IMEI (eSIM)” means your device supports eSIM.

Other Android devices

Step 1 : Dial *#06# and press call

Step 2 : If your device is eSIM capable, you can see your device’s eSIM Unique Identification Number (EID).

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For iPhone

Step 1 : Go systems> General> About.

Step 2 : Scroll down to view “Carrier lock“section.

Step 3 : it should say “No SIM restrictions”, which means the device is unlocked.

Step 4 : Scroll down to view “Available SIM” (iOS 15 and newer) orDigital SIM” (older iOS versions) section. Under it should be IMEI

Step 5 : Available SIM Or Digital SIMThat means the device is eSIM compatible.

Step 6 : Depending on your device’s capabilities, if the device has more than one SIM, you may need to temporarily disable/remove one of the SIM cards before attempting to download the eSIM.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article”How to Search if your phone eSIM compatible”. eSIM enables seamless device setup without the need to insert or replace a SIM card. feature, users can store multiple eSIM profiles simultaneously on one device and conveniently switch between them. If you like our article, please share it with others.


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