Factory Reset Samsung Phone

Today we focusing Factory Reset Samsung Phone.

In this article we will show you how to Factory reset Samsung Phone. “Factory reset” means removing user data from an electronic device and restoring it to factory settings. This is a software recovery process that aims to restore the software on the device to the original manufacturer settings. A factory reset can be used to fix some software issues associated with the device or to simply erase all user data from the device. Factory reset is also referred to as hard reset, hardware reset or master reset.

There are many reasons why you might want to factory reset your Samsung phone: You have used phone And you want to erase all previous data, you have problems with apps crashing, frozen Samsung screen or other system problems and want to start fresh or wipe your Samsung phone before selling it. Factory reset Android phone Always easy, but what if you’re locked out phone By screen password, pin or pattern. Below are the steps to perform a Samsung factory reset Phone.

How to Factory reset Samsung Phone

  • Open your phone’s settings
    • Here you will find various controls for your phone including the option to factory reset it.
  • Tap General Management
    • Here you’ll find general settings including date and time, language and, of course, factory reset options.
  • Tap Reset
    • This will not reset your Samsung device immediately.
  • Tap Factory data reset
    • A factory reset will destroy you phone Absolutely, which is why retreat is so important up Your phone Before you follow these steps if you want to keep your data.
  • Tap Reset to restore your phone to its factory settings
    • That’s it! Your phone Restored.
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Final words

Factory resetting your Samsung device is a very simple process. Apart from hard reset, you can also reset your Samsung’s network settings phone If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting it up up Again after factory reset. Hope you like this article.


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