Enable LED Notification on Android/iPhone

Today we focusing Enable LED Notification on Android/iPhone.

In this article, we will talk about how to Enable LED notification on Android/iPhone. LED notification is on phones She also has a lesser-known access feature An all, but nothing made him. She totals with The Phone. The phone It uses the Glyph interface to light up a set of LED lights on the back for notifications, calls, and more. Phone is your current one, even if nothing is different phone Can do the same. Most Android cell phones and iPhones come with support for LED notifications for calls and message notifications. If it is nothing Phone Makes it feel like an LED notification feature On your Android device, phone Or iPhone, try it, here it is how to Turn it on.

There are no users phone No chance of missing a call or text every so often. You can’t take it off when you’re driving, taking a shower, or when your hands are full, for example up The phone And then there are the moments you fail to notice phone Beeps loudly, blinks and vibrates. While there’s not much you can do about the first scenario, you can prevent the second by using this clever method. Below we mentioned the steps to enable LED notification on iPhone/Android device.

How to Enable LED notification on Android/iPhone

On Android phones

Due to the diversity in the overall interface design of Android smartphones the exact location of LED notification on Android may differ in different Android interfaces. However, the ability is present in practically all Androids phones Listening skills improvementsArea phones Access option. However, this requires you to enable Android Developer Options

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Step 1: Open systemsAnd scroll down Access

Step 2: Under Accessibility, select ‘Advanced Systems’

Step 3: Under Improved Scroll to select Settings ‘Flash notification’

Step 4: Turn on ‘Camera Flash notification’ Switch on the rear LED flash Notifications

Step 5: You can also choose to turn on the screen Glowing For incoming notifications, by enabling ‘Screen Flash Notification’ Under the same menu

It is important to remember that most modern Android devices also support notification lights on the outer edges of the display. Most Android users need to check their notification settings to enable this. Use the following procedures on Samsung mobile Devices:

Step 1: Open systemsand select Notifications

Step 2: Under Notifications, select ‘Brief Pop-up systems’

Step 3: Under this, select ‘Edge Lighting Style’

Step 4: Select and tap the type of LED light you want to see on your screen ‘done’

On iPhones

Unlike Android, iPhones have a standard way to turn on their rear LED lights feature. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Open settings, And scroll down to select Access

Step 2: Under Accessibility, scroll down to select ‘Audio/Visual’

Step 3: Under this, scroll below And change change for LED flash for alerts

Final Words

Most smartphones have a flash, which serves more purposes than just improving the lighting in your pictures. It also acts as a flashlight. A very useful one phone It can be used in a variety of situations like accessories, when you have trouble finding something in a dark room, or trying to open your front door. Our article how to Enable LED notification on iPhone/Android mobile phone Definitely helps you to turn on the flashlight notification.

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