Edit Where Screenshots are Saved in Windows PC

Today we focusing Edit Where Screenshots are Saved in Windows PC.

In this article we will talk how to Edit where screenshots are saved on a Windows computer. Taking screenshots is a basic activity that most of us do in Windows 11. If you’ve ever used the Windows + Print Screen shortcut to take screenshots, you know that Windows saves all your screenshots in the default “Screenshots” folder. Microsoft Windows provides a handy screenshot button Right on the keyboard. Press Prt Sc key and take screenshot. The default location is set to the Screenshots folder in OneDrive on Windows. This works for those who sync every screenshot with OneDrive storage. Fortunately, Windows 11 allows you to change the location of screenshots to a different folder.

Capturing your screen is easy, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or PC running Windows 11. Microsoft’s desktop operating system has long offered many options for taking pictures of your computer screen — perhaps too many. Fortunately, Windows 11 simplifies the situation. We will show you the best ways to take screenshots on your computer using the new operating system. Below are the steps to change where screenshots are saved on Windows PC.

How to Edit where screenshots are saved in Windows 11/10

Set a custom location for screenshots in Windows 11

Each time you use the Windows key and the Print Screen key to take a screenshot, new images are saved to C:UsersPictures. By default, screenshots. Another well-liked method of saving screenshots is using snipping tools, although this method asks where you want to save the screenshots. So this instructable will mostly focus on the previous Windows keyboard shortcut technique. To change the location where you save your screenshots, follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the Pictures folder, right-click on the Screenshots folder, and select “”.Properties”.
  • Switch to “Place” tab and clickmove” button Select a new folder to save all your screenshots.
  • From the file picker interface, navigate to the new folder you plan to use for screenshots and select “.Select the folder”.
  • After selecting a new destination for screenshots, click “”.ok” or “Apply” to confirm changes.
  • Windows will now ask you to move all screenshots from the old folder to the new folder. This is an optional step and you can choose to keep all the old screenshots in the old place.
  • After that restart Windows 11/10 PC.
  • If you change your mind, click “”.Restore defaults” button to useImages are screenshotsBack as the default screenshot folder in Windows 11/10.
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We hope you enjoyed our article on editing screenshots location in Windows 11/10. Nowadays, taking a screenshot is a part of everyday life. Whether we want to catch a celebrity’s unfortunate tweet, record a strange text conversation, or save useful online information, screenshots always help us when messages are retracted, posts are deleted, websites disappear, or information is hard to find. So if you like our article then share it with others.


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