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Today we focusing Disable LTE on iPhone.

In this article we will show you how to Disable LTE on iPhone. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the project name for developing a high-performance air interface for cellular. mobile Communication systems. It is the latest step towards 4th generation (4G) radio technologies designed to increase capacity and speed. mobile phone networks. During the previous generation mobile While telecommunications networks are collectively known as 2G or 3G, LTE is marketed as 4G.

Why would you want to disable the speed of LTE? mobile Speed? If you’re traveling in an area with patchy LTE coverage, your iPhone may be bouncing back and forth between 3G, LTE, or EDGE. This can drain your battery and to avoid this you should disable LTE. Or maybe you want to turn off your data to avoid overage charges, or maybe you just feel better when you’re not constantly connected while traveling. Below we have mentioned the steps to disable LTE on iPhone.

How to Disable LTE on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone and select “Cellular” at the top of the list
  • Tap on “Cellular Data Options” (in newer versions of iOS, older ones don’t have a sub-menu)
  • Tap “Enable LTE” and choose “Off” (or alternatively, you can set “Data only” or default to “Voice & Data” to stabilize some voice calls)*
  • Wait a while for the iPhone cellular connection to turn on and off again, 3G / 4G should be on by default with LTE off as visible in the status bar of the iPhone.
  • Exit the settings and enjoy your slow cell connection
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Final Words

We hope you enjoy this article how to Turn off LTE on iPhone. For most iPhone users, it’s best to keep LTE enabled. Its performance is far superior to other networks, and while it saves battery life, it’s not worth turning it off. If you’re interested in extending your iPhone’s battery life, most users are better off using power-saving mode and leaving LTE on anyway.


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