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Today we focusing Check iPhone Unlock History.

This is tutorial About how to Check iPhone unlock history. Leaving your iPhone out of sight creates potential prey for other humans to unlock and use your iPhone phone. Your iPhone may contain various personal information and media files. So there is always a security risk when someone unlocks you phone.

But the question may arise whether there is a possibility to check iPhone unlock history. Fortunately, there seem to be several ways to find out if someone has unlocked your iPhone. Here we have compiled several methods that will help you check your iPhone’s unlock history. We will also teach you how to keep yourself phone Avoid unauthorized access.

They can download anything they want to another phone but they can’t track you phone Directly unless they physically access it and jailbreak it. Also, they cannot track Apple devices directly from other devices. With our online service, you can securely and permanently unlock your iPhone from your convenience home. Below, we have mentioned the steps to check Apple iPhone unlock history.

How to Check iPhone Unlock History

Step 1 : Initialize systems

Step 2 : Then tap screen time

Step 3 : see All functionality. Scroll down under the heading “Pickups” to find your daily average.

Step 4 : Statistics show which days you were most busy on your iPhone and which apps were used the most after the selection. up device.

Final Words

Hope you understand this article how to Check Apple iPhone unlock history. When you use your iPhone’s accelerometer, it counts as your interaction with your iPhone. When you unlock your iPhone’s screen, it also counts as a “pickup” in the Screen Time report. Apple only counts “pick-up” if you interact in some way with the device or screen content. If you turn on the screen, that’s not enough to count. If you enjoyed our article, please share it with others. As an iPhone user, you will be happy to hear that iOS 16 is available and you can easily install iOS 16 public beta.

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