Add New Kind of Start Menu to Windows 11 

Today we focusing Add New Kind of Start Menu to Windows 11 .

Hello everyone, in this article we will show you how to Add a new type of Start Menu in Windows 11. Windows 11’s slim menu bar should provide a more efficient user experience. However, its layout is completely different from its counterpart in Windows 10. It displays not only the menu located in the center of the desktop, but also some software that you don’t use often. Since Windows 11 updates can take some time to get used to, you need a familiar and easy-to-navigate menu. If you adjust your computer’s settings, you can activate the classic Start menu and access the programs you use most.

Windows 11 lacks many of the application panel and customization options found in the Windows 10 Start menu. To customize the Start menu in Windows 11, open the Settings app by clicking its icon in the Start menu. Alternatively, you can right-click on Start button Then select Settings from the pop-up.up The menu that appears.

We recommend that you try out the new Windows 11 Start Menu by customizing it to your liking. We’re sure there’s a lot to appreciate about the revamped start menu. After all, the new start menu is considered one of the best features Windows 11 of Windows 11. We recommend that you update Windows 11 before you continue. Below are the steps for a new type of Start Menu for Windows 11/10.

How to Add a new type of Start Menu to Windows 11

Step 1 : bring it up Launch the web page n Softpedia from anywhere using your favorite web browser

Step 2 : Select Download now Possible.

Step 3 : Click Softpedia Secure Download (US) – x64 To download the software program.

Step 4 : Open the Start folder in Urgently Downloaded Everywhere Windows The key is + E Keyboard shortcut and navigate to it in File Explorer.

Step 5 : Double-click the startevery.exe file to run the software program. You don’t want to set up It is.

Step 6 : Go ahead and click Start button to convey up Startup is demonstrated immediately under each menu.

Now you have a completely different start menu at your disposal. You can access your information to software programs through the program menu, shortcuts on the desktop, and user profiles. The System menu of the Start menu is a useful addition that helps you open Windows 11 Control Panel applications, Windows Instruments and Settings app pages.

  • You can add custom shortcuts to that menu. Right-click the system tray icon and select Start Everywhere Others > systems > open. Click on Select Menu Tab and select a Custom Checkbox for menu. Select Custom In the Settings window, hover over the menu, and click Change The tab appears.
  • press on directory button In the menu you selected Change tab. Select a software program or consumer file folder to open the shortcut and click on the window ok button. Select Save Tab to use the brand new settings. You’ll see a shortcut to the newly added folder in the Start Everywhere menu, from which you’ll choose to open its information or software program.
  • You can open the Start menu everywhere in a few ways. It has an animated corners functionality that allows you to open the menu by moving your cursor to the desktop corners. Select to enable that function Others > Active corners > Enable In the menu. Then 4 vibrant node selections General The Settings window is activated when the Start Everywhere tab is selected.
  • Alternatively, you can open the Start Everywhere menu anywhere on the desktop with a hotkey. Select two of the hotkey check boxes in the Settings window Improved tab. Select a letter to mix with these keys from the drop-down menu. If you choose Cursor space Hotsky space A possible, urgent keyboard shortcut will open a menu at the location of your cursor.
  • The Start Everywhere settings window has been added Color And font Tabs to customize the menu. Choose an alternate menu shade Colors tab. Click on the radio button On top of that font Tab and press Change To customize the text content of the menu. Then choose Save Apply tab.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on adding a new type of Start Menu in Windows 11. In versions of Microsoft Windows that support the Start menu, you’ll find it when you click Start, and it’ll be displayed at the bottom left. screen by default. Changing the position of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen can change its position. So you can give your start menu a new look.


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