How to Stop Skype Launching at Startup on Windows PC

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Guide: How to Stop Skype Launching at Startup on Windows PC

Surprise how to stop Skype to start automatically in Windows 10? Whether you are using the standard Windows 10 app or the Skype desktop application, you can easily turn off Skype initially. If you want to decide for yourself when Skype will launch on your computer or Windows 10 device, read this tutorial to learn how to stop Skype to start automatically. The Skype application in Windows 10 is already installed so it is very easy to use. However, the steps needed to prevent this Skype application from starting automatically in Windows 10 are not clear. First, open the Settings app and tap on or tap on Privacy. Fortunately, both PC and Mac versions of Skype can prevent Skype from starting automatically.

The Skype classic desktop application can be downloaded here. This feature of Skype has some improvements over the standard version of Windows 10. Increased privacy when sharing your screen in Skype and more intuitive ways to prevent Skype from starting automatically with Windows 10. First, access Skype for desktop applications and press Ctrl. + Comma (,) on your keyboard to access Settings. Skype is a hand-held remote communication tool and one of the pioneers of video chat. However, Skype is usually set to open automatically when you turn on your computer, whether or not you want to talk to someone or not.

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Stop Skype from Getting Started Automatically with Windows Settings

One way to prevent Skype from launching when it starts up Your computer is about to be deleted as a background application on your device. You can do this in System Settings.

  • Select Startup button Settings and select the Settings app.
  • In the Settings window, select Privacy.
  • In the private settings window, scroll down in the left navigation menu until you see the App permissions section. Select Background Applications under this section.
  • Scroll down to Skype under the apps background and turn this switch for Skype Off.

Optional Start Option for Skype

Another way to stop Skype from the start up when the boot pad has to remove Skype from the Start folder. The Startup folder contains shortcuts to all applications that will launch whenever computers start.

  • Select Start button and click Start, then select Startup Applications.
  • In the Start menu, scroll down until you see Skype. Switch to Off to activate Skype as a startup application.

Stop Skype from Starting Automatically in Skype Settings

You can also configure Skype to not start automatically from the software itself. You can find this program in General Skype settings.

Follow the instructions below to do this.

  • Launch and log in to Skype. Select the three icons to the right of your profile picture. Select Settings from the menu.
  • Select General from the left navigation menu. On the right side under the Start and Close sections, you will see Skype Getting Started automatically. To the right of this, select Settings button.
  • This opens the same Startup settings window used in the section above to adjust Skype startup mode. Just scroll down to where Skype is listed and scroll to Off
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Skype Launcher Extra and Performance Settings

You may have noticed in Skype General settings that under the Start and Close section there are a number of other settings. These other programs directly affect how and when skype is running on your Windows 10 device.

Launch Skype in the background:

This is similar to starting Skype automatically, except that the program itself will not launch in a new window. Instead, Skype will launch and then automatically shut down. You will only know it is running because the Skype icon will appear up in the notification area. If you do not turn this off, Skype will re-launch automatically, so make sure to disable this if you do not want Skype to launch at all.

In the near future, enable Skype:

This is another annoying program, because if you leave it running you may be wondering why when you close the Skype window, it continues to run in the background. You will notice that the Skype icon is in the notification area. To completely disable Skype from working automatically and stopping, you should be able to change the switch properly.


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